Free And Low Cost Web Site Marketing

Actually nothing is​ entirely free. if​ you​ wish to​ invest little or​ no money into marketing your site,​ then you​ will have to​ spend a​ lot of​ time,​ energy and show some creativity.

I am sure there are other free and inexpensive ways to​ advertise on​ line in​ addition to​ those described in​ this article. I will try to​ research them and update this article as​ often as​ possible.

1.) Email Marketing

Use your site address as​ your Email signature. in​ addition to​ the​ address,​ you​ should also provide a​ short but meaningful description of​ the​ web site. (Example: -Top Job Search Engines And Career Advice ).

2.) Business Cards,​ Signs & Gifts

Web Master ( that is​ you​ ) can print business cards stating information about your web site. Vista Print ( offers free business cards. you​ pay only for shipping. When you​ meet people and tell them about the​ site,​ you​ should also give them cards with your web address.

It is​ also a​ good idea to​ buy inexpensive small magnetic signs with your web site address and short description,​ and attach them to​ your car. Other options for car advertisement are customized frame around your tags and bumper sticker. Mugs,​ pen and other gifts with your site information are often used to​ promote web sites.

3.) Reciprocal Links

Find web pages similar to​ yours and ask for reciprocal links (they mention your site at​ their links page or​ elsewhere while you​ do the​ same at​ your site.) if​ you​ are lucky to​ have relatives or​ friends with established,​ high traffic web sites,​ ask them to​ place an​ ad or​ link at​ their site.

Don't place link to​ your site at​ FFA ("Free For All") pages where you​ can have link to​ your site among millions of​ others. it​ is​ useless and some search engines may even penalize you​ for doing it.

4.) Ezines

Another way to​ market your web site is​ through Ezines. Ezine is​ Email newsletter. Some Ezines have 1000s of​ subscribers while others have only 100s. Usually Ezine Ads are inexpensive.

Locate Ezines with content similar to​ your site and find out how much it​ costs to​ place an​ ad. One can also offer to​ write articles in​ exchange for free or​ discounted ads.

You can find Ezine directory at​ or​ just type "Ezine Directory" in​ any search engine,​ and you​ will have a​ list of​ other Ezine directories.

5.) Message Boards And Chat Rooms

Message boards and chat rooms might be good tools to​ promote web page. One major mistake that many web masters make is​ to​ go to​ message board and just drop message with your web site address.

Instead,​ you​ should locate chat rooms and message boards with interests similar to​ your site,​ introduce yourself,​ participate in​ discussions,​ and then mention your site. This way you​ will show genuine interest and get acquainted with prospective visitors to​ your site.

Getting visitors to​ your site is​ only part of​ success. People will not stay long and will not come back if​ there is​ no quality content which is​ updated often. I don't care what your site is​ about,​ it​ must have articles or​ useful up to​ date information. if​ you​ sell shoes on​ your site,​ write an​ article on​ how to​ choose shoes. in​ case your site is​ about boxing,​ write about boxers or​ fights.

Content can make or​ break your site. if​ people like your content,​ they will recommend it​ to​ others,​ and you​ will get many additional visitors.

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