Fps First Person Shooter Games

FPS - First Person Shooter Games
Among the​ biggest sellers in​ online PC games are FPS,​ or​ First Person Shooter,​ games .​

Kids love 'em .​
So do most Dads.
Many moms think the​ level of​ violence is​ too high and too graphic,​ so Dad and the​ kids play them when she is​ not looking.
FPS games are centered on​ you,​ the​ player,​ from your point of​ view .​
Armed with various handheld weapons,​ you might be called on​ to​ thwart the​ invasion of​ Earth by aliens or​ to​ stop a​ Nazi advance in​ WWII .​
As a​ player,​ you interact directly with the​ game environment from your own perspective.
FPS games evolved in​ the​ late 1990s as​ PCs became powerful enough to​ render the​ 3D graphics in​ real time .​
These are way beyond the​ arcade shooters from Space Invaders on​ up.
Several sub-genres of​ FPS have distinguished themselves:
* tactical - most have a​ military motif
* stealth - avoiding detection by opponents is​ a​ major element
* run and gu​n - among the​ most popular with multiple enemies and fast-paced action
* real-time strategy (RTS) - able to​ give commands to​ other units and control the​ strategy
* first person adventure (FPA) - free roaming adventure which takes one to​ the​ edge,​ like the​ controversial series Grand Theft Auto
Most FPS games take graphics to​ a​ new level of​ realism while exaggerating the​ attributes of​ the​ player .​
You now likely have muscles and strength that make Arnold look like a​ girlie-man.
Kids and adults alike love the​ frantic blasting of​ enemies within the​ context of​ heroic storylines.
While FPS games are demanding on​ your reflexes,​ they are also demanding on​ your PC .​
You will definitely have a​ need for speed,​ as​ well as​ a​ good graphics card and a​ decent set of​ speakers .​
the​ demands of​ gamers have pushed the​ PC industry to​ make better desktop computers for all.
The next big shift - with broadband Internet service now in​ millions of​ homes worldwide - will be the​ delivery of​ the​ latest FPS game to​ your PC via streaming download instead of​ CD .​
As more gamers accept online streaming delivery of​ the​ game itself,​ costs should come down over time as​ the​ game developers turn to​ online delivery and bypass the​ CD/DVD publishers and retailers in​ the​ supply chain.
For the​ game developers,​ online delivery of​ FPS games represents an​ opportunity to​ open up a​ new market of​ gamers who would be willing to​ try FPS online,​ but who never visit EB Games,​ the​ Electronics Boutique,​ or​ other game retailers in​ the​ mall.
For those who want to​ try/demo any number of​ FPS games,​ I​ recommend the​ Triton player .​
This streaming download allows you to​ begin play well before the​ entire download is​ completed .​
You can even demo recent releases like Prey from 3D Realms.
You can register free and download the​ player at: www.playtriton.com
As long as​ there are heroes and villains,​ and kids with vivid imaginations,​ there will be a​ place for FPS games when the​ aliens come calling.

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