Four Ways To Make Money From Your Ecommerce Website

There are four basic ways to​ make money from your web site. you​ can sell products and services. you​ can sell subscriptions or​ memberships. you​ can make money from advertising. And you​ can use your site to​ generate referrals and commissions.

Most businesses only use one or​ maybe two of​ the​ four. you​ can increase your direct revenue and your opportunities for cross-promotion if​ you​ consider them all.

Here's a​ review of​ what you​ need for each. in​ every case you​ want to​ deliver what your customers expect and automate as​ much of​ the​ process as​ possible.

You can make money on​ your site by selling things. you​ can sell products or​ services,​ but to​ make money you​ have to​ make sure you​ have mastered the​ details.

No matter what you're selling you'll need a​ good shopping cart. Online shoppers expect to​ be able to​ pay with credit cards and with PayPal and complete transactions online. Your shopping cart should calculate shipping charges and sales tax automatically.

If you're selling physical products,​ make sure you've worked out all the​ fulfillment details. Make sure that you​ have a​ shipping and inventory system that will deliver great service to​ your customers.

Since the​ net is​ a​ worldwide phenomenon,​ you​ may get orders from other countries. How will you​ handle them?

You can also sell digital products such as​ e-books and Special Reports. Buyers will expect to​ be able to​ download their digital product as​ soon as​ they've completed paying.

You can sell services. Many companies are conducting classes on​ the​ web,​ called "webinars." You'll need to​ be able to​ take orders and send acknowledgments to​ those who sign up. You'll also need a​ reliable way to​ deliver your webinar.

You can make money on​ your site by having subscribers or​ members who pay you​ a​ fee. a​ membership or​ subscription fee is​ simply payment for privileged access.

People will pay for access to​ current content,​ to​ archives,​ to​ services or​ to​ other people. Determine what mix of​ these is​ best for your business. Make sure you​ can handle subscription payments,​ acknowledgments and renewals.

You can make money on​ your site from advertising. This used to​ be quite complicated. But today,​ with Google's AdSense program just about any site can generate advertising revenue.

You can make money on​ your site by using your site for referrals and commissions. on​ the​ web,​ these are called "affiliate programs." They can help you​ make money two ways.

When you​ send business to​ another site using an​ affiliate link,​ you​ generate a​ modest fee for yourself. Whenever you​ recommend a​ product or​ service on​ your site,​ check to​ see if​ there's an​ affiliate program that will pay you​ for the​ link.

Your own affiliate program can help you​ draw more desirable traffic to​ your site. You'll need software to​ help you​ keep track of​ the​ business that affiliates send your way. There are standalone packages for this,​ but affiliate software is​ also part of​ most sophisticated shopping cart packages.

None of​ these items is​ rocket science. So use this article as​ a​ checklist and take a​ look at​ online shopping cart software and ecommerce providers like to​ help you​ automate all of​ these methods on​ your ecommerce web site.

The bottom line in​ increasing revenue is​ using as​ many of​ the​ above income generation methods as​ you​ can,​ as​ effectively as​ possible. It's another case of​ how the​ marketing magic is​ in​ the​ mix.

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