Four Great Games To Play At Your Next Bridal Shower

Four Great Games To Play At Your Next Bridal Shower

One of​ the​ most fun -- and occasionally dreaded -- parts of​ a​ bridal shower are the​ games. Although they're meant to​ be bonding experiences,​ bridal shower games aren't for everyone ... and if​ your gal group meets exclusively for cosmos and indie jazz,​ you might want to​ skip them.

But the​ fact is,​ bridal shower games serve a​ purpose. No matter how familiar or​ unsophisticated they might seem,​ they still serve as​ icebreakers. And icebreakers are especially useful if​ your shower combines guests from different walks of​ life. a​ shower might toss the​ bride's work friends together with her hometown friends and a​ handful of​ relatives -- and these groups probably don't know each other -- but an​ icebreaker can bring them together (of course,​ so can a​ few chilled bottles of​ Veuve Clicquot).

So your guest list is​ a​ mixed bag of​ ages,​ backgrounds,​ tastes and styles,​ here are some true-blue games that will bring your shower through with flying colors.

Bridal Shower Bingo
One of​ the​ most popular is,​ of​ course,​ Bridal Shower Bingo. to​ play this game,​ dream up a​ list of​ words for each bingo card that relates to​ weddings,​ wedding gifts,​ the​ bride herself,​ or​ romance. For the​ cards themselves,​ arrange a​ grid of​ squares in​ your favorite desktop publisher,​ placing each word or​ phrase in​ its own square. Make the​ center square "free" (you're just generous that way). or​ just grab some of​ those no-cost,​ printable bridal bingo cards from the​ internet.

Give each guest their own card. or​ if​ you really want to​ press home the​ icebreaker effect,​ get two guests to​ share one.

Next,​ print out your word selection with lots of​ letter spacing so you can cut up the​ sheet into strips and toss them in​ a​ basket.

Finally,​ have the​ hostess act as​ the​ caller. She'll pull the​ words out of​ the​ basket and call them out. Once a​ player gets a​ complete marked-off line of​ words,​ either horizontally,​ vertically or​ diagonally,​ she shouts out "Bingo" (or "Bride") in​ return for a​ prize.

Uncool,​ you say? Angelina Jolie would never be caught dead playing Bridal Shower Bingo? Maybe,​ but you'd be surprised how jiggy things get when you turn up the​ music and start calling out those words. There's a​ reason why hundreds of​ people flock to​ bingo halls on​ a​ weekly basis -- it's freakishly fun. Leave the​ anthropologists to​ wonder why,​ and just roll with it.

Bingo Redux
One of​ the​ funniest variations on​ Bridal Shower Bingo is​ to​ give guests blank cards and have them fill it​ out with predictions of​ what gifts the​ bride will get.

Or for another twist,​ fill your cards with titles of​ songs relating to​ love and romance,​ and then play 10 second snippets from a​ CD you've burned ahead of​ time. This gives your guests the​ double challenge of​ identifying what they're hearing,​ and crossing off the​ titles. Choose a​ sweet Starbucks-y combo of​ Cole Porter,​ Diana Krall,​ Ray Charles,​ and obscure Beatles tunes. It's fun and cool.

Kiss George Clooney
You could also "kiss the​ groom,​" but why not kiss George Clooney instead?

Take a​ sturdy board,​ and staple on​ a​ men's shirt and pants combo from the​ thrift store. Draw in​ the​ hands and shoes,​ and glue on​ a​ life-sized printout of​ George Clooney's winsome face. Have each guest apply a​ healthy dose of​ lipstick. Now blindfold her,​ turn her around three times,​ and have her try to​ kiss George Clooney on​ the​ lips. the​ closest kisser wins a​ prize (how about an​ inexpensive autographed photo from the​ man himself? Try eBay). the​ rest get to​ dream.

Lottery Tickets
Fast and simple,​ not too costly,​ and who knows? Someone might go home with special memories ... to​ her new penthouse suite. it​ could happen!

Purse Pursuit
Or try a​ scavenger hunt -- through a​ purse. in​ this one,​ give your guests a​ list of​ things you might find in​ a​ purse. Guests mark off items for points as​ they hunt through their purse. Expected items (aspirin,​ cosmetics,​ mints) should get a​ few points. Give higher points for odder objects (tiny airline liquor bottles,​ a​ granola bar,​ crochet hooks,​ a​ Canadian coin). Award really high points for random items that might show up in​ a​ purse (a rock,​ toilet paper,​ chopsticks).

If all this seems too complicated,​ weigh each purse and hand out a​ prize to​ the​ heaviest handbag -- since a​ gift certificate to​ an​ orthopedic specialist probably won't fit your budget.

Four Great Games To Play At Your Next Bridal Shower

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