Forget The Diet Men Learn How Weight Training Can Literally Shed The Pounds Off You

Forget The Diet Men Learn How Weight Training Can Literally Shed The
Pounds Off You

It's a​ fact - in​ this day and age,​ more of​ us are overweight than underweight. Everyone seems to​ be on​ a​ diet or​ weight loss program. the​ problem with diets is​ most people see them as​ a​ temporary thing they need to​ do to​ get them where they want to​ be.

We constantly hear things like "Bob lost 20 pounds in​ one month on​ the​ Super-Spectacular diet". Sounds great,​ but what happened to​ Bob when he went off the​ diet after that month. He went back to​ his old ways and put on​ 20 pounds. So he then went on​ the​ Fully-Fantastic diet plan and lost his 20 pounds again. What really needs to​ change is​ his lifestyle,​ not his diet.

Our diet is​ an​ important part of​ our life,​ and a​ change in​ diet can definitely help us lose unwanted weight. But what's the​ point if​ our lifestyle involves nothing but watching TV,​ lying on​ the​ couch,​ sitting on​ our butts in​ our office job all day,​ and trying to​ remember what this new diet allows us to​ eat and when.

If you really want to​ lose weight then build muscle. Sounds contradictory doesn't it. Most people know muscle is​ heavier than fat so why would you want to​ start getting heavier.

One of​ the​ greatest things about muscle is​ that it​ burns calories all day long,​ even when you're lying on​ the​ couch. What this means is​ that the​ more muscle you have,​ the​ more calories you'll burn during the​ day and the​ more you'll be able to​ eat without gaining weight. This is​ great news for all of​ us who like eating.

By putting focused pressure on​ our bodies through weight training our bodies react by growing muscle to​ compensate. the​ big benefit is​ that it​ also chews up our fat cells faster than a​ diet resulting in​ a​ stronger,​ thinner and a​ better looking you.

By simply doing some basic weight training,​ we​ are also stimulating our metabolism more than any aerobic training such as​ cycling or​ walking. This means that you'll continue to​ burn calories long AFTER you've completed your weight training session. the​ calorie-burning effect of​ aerobic training generally declines rapidly once you stop the​ exercise.

Weight training has many advantages over simply taking up a​ new diet. You will feel better,​ look better,​ and experience better results faster.

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