For A Safe Weight Loss Try The Gen 1 29 Diet Part 2

For A Safe Weight Loss Try The Gen 1 29 Diet Part 2

In continuation of​ part one of​ this article,​ listed below will be the​ list of​ other common items that should form the​ basis of​ a​ proper diet for a​ safe weight-loss regimen. Combined with proper exercise and mental attunements,​ these substances will make the​ drugless foundation for a​ quick and safe weight loss,​ naturally and without the​ dangerous and unnecessary side-effects of​ modern day concoctions and diet fads.

Moreover,​ you will experience improved health,​ delayed aging,​ increased flexibility,​ clearer skin,​ brighter eyes and mental sharpness to​ name a​ few of​ its many benefits.

These are the​ rest of​ the​ foods for a​ healthy diet when aiming for a​ safe weight loss as​ suggested in​ the​ first part of​ this article.

Safe Weight Loss Diet: Items for Consumption (D-T)

9. Dates:

NATURAL CANDY! They are loaded with tons of​ nutrients unlike their artificial counterfeits: candies in​ the​ store,​ but like them have to​ be eaten in​ moderation say 4-5 in​ the​ spring and summer times and 5-15 (medium sized ones) fall and winter times.
Try to​ eat dates 12 minutes or​ so after a​ mono meal of​ a​ sweet fruit say bananas or​ mangoes and 10 minutes before a​ stalk of​ Celery or​ lettuce. Barhi or​ honey dates are my personal favorites. According to​ Dr. Arnold Ehret they are excellent mucus absorbers as​ well. They are great sources of​ quick energy and surprisingly,​ proteins.

10. Figs:

When in​ season,​ these one of​ a​ kind fruits are powerfully cleansing and rank very high as​ detoxifying and body building elements. Buy them only in​ season (summer times) it’s the​ favorite of​ African Chimpanzees.

11. Grapes:

They are great sources of​ powerful antioxidants. Ensure to​ eat them organically and in​ season only (summer). Also try to​ get the​ seeded ones. They are one of​ the​ best foods to​ break a​ fast with. Dried,​ they make your raisins.

12. Lemons:

This is​ about the​ only non-sweet fruit that I personally include in​ my diet. it​ has ascorbic properties and when squeezed fresh in​ warm water first thing in​ the​ morning can be unrivaled in​ beating constipation and alleviating overall lethargy. it​ is​ one of​ the​ most alkaline forming foods in​ spite of​ its acidic taste and it's available year round.

12. Lettuce:
the​ king of​ Vegetables. Even plain,​ they have an​ excellent taste to​ them. They are highly perishable though and thus need to​ be consumed soon after purchase. it​ is​ the​ basis of​ many a​ salad and is​ a​ great body building food. Mountain gorillas of​ the​ Plateau regions of​ Nigeria and Cameroon subsists primarily on​ leaves and look at​ how big and strong they are (of course that's all they have access too in​ their habitats and they are much less active than the​ lowland gorillas of​ the​ south of​ these two African countries who eat mostly sweet fruits and a​ few leaves)

13. Maple Syrup:

Native to​ the​ First Americans,​ this food is​ a​ balanced form of​ positive and negative sugars. There are three grades of​ maple syrup A,​ B and C. My recommended grade is​ B. it​ contains sodium,​ potassium,​ calcium,​ magnesium,​ manganese,​ iron,​ copper and silicon. Some uninformed operators of​ the​ sugaring of​ maple syrup do use formaldehyde pellets ran through polyethene tubing so ensure to​ use only organic maple syrup.

14. Mangoes:

As great as​ this fruit is,​ eat in​ moderation though and if​ you can organically grown and only in​ season. 4-5 should fill the​ average person up,​ but hey if​ they are too tempting it​ doesn't hurt to​ enjoy.

15. Melons:

As a​ rule Eat melons alone or​ leave alone. They are one of​ the​ fruits that leave the​ stomach almost as​ soon as​ they are ingested and thus should not be combined with other foods,​ if​ you must,​ wait 20 minutes or​ so and eat Celery or​ Lettuce. I'm of​ the​ firm belief that in​ the​ summer times when they peak,​ a​ human can subsist on​ them for days on​ end. Ensure to​ get them ripe and enjoy as​ you desire. I've tried a​ watermelon fast to​ very rewarding results.

16. Nectarines:

Like its close relative,​ peaches,​ these stone fruits are excellent in​ the​ summer times when they are available and a​ mono meal of​ them for a​ restricted diet can be a​ camouflaged fast.

17. Pears:

A viable winter fruit. it​ is​ a​ sub acid fruit like the​ apple and is​ of​ course loaded with vitamins and minerals. Ensure to​ eat this fruit only when fully ripe.

18. Pineapples:

Look for varieties ripened on​ the​ leaves. I've not (as of​ this writing at​ least) been to​ Hawaii to​ taste their crop but,​ I've had the​ pleasures of​ them in​ Nigeria,​ they are simply great. Being an​ acidic fruit,​ ensure to​ consume them in​ the​ earlier part of​ the​ day.

19. Plantains:

At times known as​ the​ potatoes of​ the​ air,​ the​ varieties grown in​ Ecuador or​ the​ tropical countries are great. They form the​ staple of​ many so-called third world countries and can be enjoyed alone or​ with some plain raw leaves of​ parsley,​ lettuce or​ celery.

20. Potatoes:

Some authors have attacked potatoes as​ being unsuitable for human consumption. Though not the​ best food,​ nothing could be further from the​ truth though. I've read and have been in​ tribes who subsist on​ root vegetables only; its cousin the​ sweet potato actually ranks high as​ an​ alkaline forming food. in​ my estimation,​ boiled and mashed with avocadoes and a​ dash of​ sea salt after eating some celery,​ they are a​ welcome balance to​ even excessive sweet fruits and are very nourishing as​ well. They are also easy to​ digest and are better than even some so-called raw recipes. They of​ course are available year round.

21. Tomatoes:

Like the​ potato,​ it​ is​ a​ member of​ the​ nightshade family but unlike it,​ the​ tomato is​ a​ fruit botanically. Blended with Young Coconuts or​ Avocadoes,​ they are excellent for dressing. They are an​ acidic fruit thus should be eaten in​ moderation due to​ their high content of​ oxalic acids,​ 2 -3 should suffice and even then every other day.

As a​ rule ensure that all of​ the​ above (save for maybe mangoes and avocadoes) are grown organically only.

Better health and a​ safe weight loss need not be things you have to​ pay an​ extreme amount of​ money for. You really don’t need any special recipes,​ worthless and hazardous substances when trying to​ lose weight. By simply consuming the​ divinely ordained foods listed above and of​ course living an​ active lifestyle,​ you will be well on​ your way to​ a​ healthy,​ effective and safe weight loss that your body will appreciate for years to​ come.

(3 John 1:2 NIV) Dear friend,​ I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you,​ even as​ your soul is​ getting along well.

Good Health is​ your birthright.

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