For A Safe Weight Loss Try The Gen 1 29 Diet Part 1

For A Safe Weight Loss Try The Gen 1 29 Diet Part 1

With so many quick-fix diet and fads offered to​ us by the​ mass media promising to​ be the​ next best thing to​ bring about an​ effective and safe weight loss,​ it​ is​ no wonder the​ public is​ left confused as​ to​ which one to​ choose. Sadly,​ this permits for exploitation from the​ many marketers and charlatans out to​ make a​ fast buck on​ the​ expense of​ the​ vulnerable.

Even the​ so called natural approaches for safe weight loss solutions are unrealistic,​ impractical and often pricey or​ are just the​ same one-dimensional gimmick cures disguised as​ holistic solutions.

This leads one to​ conclude that we​ most go back to​ the​ basics when eating not only for weight loss but for better health. Today science has verified the​ accuracy of​ the​ Biblical accounts of​ the​ dietetic habits of​ the​ first men on​ earth as​ recorded in​ Genesis 1:29: “Every herb bearing seed…and every tree,​ in​ which is​ the​ fruit of​ a​ tree yielding seed,​ to​ you it​ shall be for meat.” Obviously this leads one to​ conclude that being a​ vegetarian or​ more appropriately a​ vegan will be the​ most effective route to​ go when pursuing a​ safe weight loss and improved health as​ goals.

To be considered as​ well,​ from a​ spiritual and ethical point,​ when eating for health and weight loss,​ products from the​ animal kingdom should be excluded. as​ we​ do not have the​ power to​ restore life,​ we​ certainly do not have the​ right to​ kill. Every action has its reaction and every good or​ bad action brings forth good or​ evil fruit. When man was given permission to​ kill animals and eat their flesh,​ according to​ the​ Bible,​ animals were also given permission to​ slay and eat humans: “…And your life will I seek; at​ the​ hand of​ every beast will I seek it.” (Gen 9: 5). No wonder so many diseases such as​ obesity,​ cancer,​ rheumatism,​ asthma and so on​ are traced to​ being caused by consumption of​ animal products in​ the​ drugless healing cycles.

Therefore,​ the​ recommended staples of​ your diet should be your fruits and vegetables.
These substances constitute the​ Mucus-Less Diet otherwise known as​ the​ ‘Alkaline’; Disease Healing or​ Gen 1:29 diet. it​ provides you with all the​ necessary nutrients such as​ Carbohydrates,​ Proteins,​ Fats,​ vitamins and minerals needed for weight loss,​ improved health and overall fitness and in​ conjunction with proper exercise will be more than unmatched in​ helping you achieve these goals.

So let’s go over the​ items that should constitute one’s diet when eating for health and a​ safe weight loss.

Safe Weight Loss Diet: Items for Consumption (A-C)

1. Apples:

A sub-acid or​ sweet fruit depending on​ its taste,​ it​ is​ an​ excellent source of​ the​ B-complex vitamins,​ Vitamin C,​ potassium and soluble fiber to​ aid as​ an​ excellent intestinal broom and mucus absorber. Its origin is​ in​ the​ temperate regions of​ our earth and is​ at​ its peak during the​ fall and winter seasons.

2. Avocadoes:

A natural aphrodisiac and an​ excellent source of​ vitamins A,​ D E and K,​ fats and a​ plethora of​ other minerals,​ this nutty tasting fruit vegetable is​ a​ must have for the​ health seeker. as​ great as​ it​ is​ a​ fruit,​ it​ should be eating in​ moderation say 1-2 maximum a​ day depending on​ your constitution,​ age and level of​ physical activity. in​ Season year round.

3. Bananas:

This should be a​ staple in​ any health seekers diet considering its year round availability and durability. It's been hailed as​ having everything the​ human body needs and containing the​ 8 essential amino acids that the​ body cannot produce on​ its own. of​ course it​ is​ the​ favorite of​ active kids.

4. Berries:

Berries are high in​ minerals and vitamins and they taste great. They are,​ like the​ apples,​ of​ temperate origins. Bears have been said to​ eat massive amounts of​ berries and obviously gain tons of​ strength and ‘healthy’ weight from them. Berries,​ being of​ the​ acid-fruit category should be eaten in​ the​ earlier parts of​ the​ day.

5. Cabbage:

Eat this vegetable raw,​ discarding of​ its outer leaves as​ well. Though it​ is​ not a​ dark green vegetable it​ still stands its own as​ an​ excellent source of​ vitamins A,​ C and E with the​ essential amino acids included. Anybody ever heard of​ cold-slaw?

6. Celery:

Wrongly described as​ a​ lower vegetable void of​ nutrients,​ this salty and nutritious food is​ actually the​ "powerhouse of​ life-giving nutrition!” it​ combines with anything first of​ all and I must admit,​ increases magnetism to​ the​ opposite sex for some strange reason. it​ is​ very alkaline forming and helps to​ relieve muscle cramping and fatigue. Wild,​ it​ is​ the​ favorite food of​ our cousin the​ Gorilla.

7. Citrus:

I mainly eat oranges,​ most other citrus fruits don't appeal to​ my sense of​ taste although they do have tons of​ vitamin C and calcium but this author has always been a​ sweet tooth.
Tangerines though are excellent and rank quite high as​ mucus absorbing fruits-even higher than the​ lemon. as​ with all acid fruits they are best eaten in​ the​ mornings or​ early afternoons.

8. Coconuts (Young or​ Green):

These are available in​ Asian markets or​ your nearest health food store. They are good sources of​ grounding fats and proteins and are quite tasty in​ smoothies.
For a​ light supper,​ try 1-3 followed by Celery/lettuce,​ or​ blend with tomatoes and a​ little bit of​ salt and see Ranch French dressing beg to​ be excused.

Okay that’s A-C of​ what should constitute a​ natural diet for a​ safe weight loss regimen.
Needless to​ say some form of​ exercise will be needed,​ you may choose to​ read on​ my article on​ “Yoga for Weight Loss: What you need know to​ succeed” to​ see why I suggest Yoga along with these obviously natural food items,​ but of​ course whatever form of​ exercise suits your taste or​ needs will suffice.

Let me add though,​ working with your own body weight may be the​ best choice and you could at​ least borrow the​ warm up routine of​ yoga known as​ the​ sun salutations (it’ll only take you 5-10 minutes-if that-but here’s something to​ consider,​ Indian wrestlers and martial artists perform these exercises in​ dozens…need I say more?)

See you in​ part 2 of​ “For a​ Safe weight loss diet,​ try the​ Gen 1:29-it can’t be wrong”

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