For Newer Sites Web Marketing Depends On Titles Links

We all start out the​ same. Some have budgets,​ some don't. the​ one true factor out there is​ that we all want to​ expose our business. For 99% of​ us,​ starting out in​ the​ world of​ web marketing means a​ few things:

* - a​ huge learning curve
* - Endless nights working
* - Trial & Error
* - Learning the​ ropes

Compared to​ older more established sites out there,​ a​ brand new site without a​ network of​ well established web sites to​ back it​ up will need to​ depend on​ good quality links pointing to​ it. This will commence the​ search engine ranking strategy.

See most "grand father" sites out there have already gone through the​ trials and tribulations of​ getting recognized. Since this is​ true,​ they don't always have to​ depend on​ the​ "Title" of​ the​ link pointing to​ their site,​ nor do they have to​ depend on​ the​ "Title" tag within their site.

Now here's the​ [kicker]. Let's say Joe has been doing this for 2 years now,​ 9 times out of​ 10,​ if​ Joes web site is​ still promoting content about "Web Marketing",​ he probably doesn't have to​ add "Web Marketing" to​ his main title anymore. He can now add it​ further down within another link on​ his site.

So the​ moral is???

If your site is​ new,​ you'll need to​ depend on​ the​ "Titles" of​ many things to​ get your rankings up for something specific. if​ you're site is​ more mature and has been established,​ you​ can work on​ other search terms you've been longing to​ get for your site.

Just keep plugging away and try to​ keep your "titles" the​ same for new sites and mix it​ up for older sites!

I hope you​ enjoyed the​ article!

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