Football Fans Can Get To See All Of The Games This Year

Football Fans Can Get To See All Of The Games This Year

The ever-increasing season ticket prices means a​ lot of​ fans struggle to​ watch all of​ their team’s matches. With the​ price of​ even just a​ championship season ticket being around £400 most fans can struggle to​ foot the​ bill,​ even if​ their team isn’t in​ the​ expensive premiership. This will mean that football’s best fans wont be able to​ support their team,​ just simply because they can’t afford it.

But football fans have been offered a​ new solution. Barclays bank (sponsor of​ the​ premiership) has offered a​ great way for you to​ buy your season ticket this year. if​ you purchase any football season ticket with the​ new Premiership Barclaycard ( ) and it​ costs more than £250,​ you'll benefit from 0% interest for as​ long as​ it​ takes to​ pay off.

The Premiership card also offers 10 pairs of​ tickets to​ be won each month during the​ football season,​ by just making a​ transaction on​ your football credit card each month to​ be entered into a​ prize draw.

And with more and more clubs from the​ premiership making it​ in​ to​ Europe fans can find it​ even more and more expensive to​ support their team. But,​ if​ your club does make it​ into Europe,​ don’t you want to​ be there to​ see them! the​ Premiership credit card also offers help when you're abroad. You can use your credit card anywhere in​ the​ world,​ and if​ you lose your card whilst abroad,​ Barclays offer an​ emergency card replacement service,​ and you won't be charged a​ cash handling fee for the​ service.

But with having to​ work all week,​ and enjoying the​ football at​ the​ weekend,​ who has time to​ go and apply for a​ credit card? With Barclay’s card you also have the​ option of​ ordering your credit card online ( ),​ which will save you time and give you more opportunity to​ keep up with the​ football stats.

With football becoming more and more about money at​ least we,​ the​ devoted fans,​ can still afford to​ do what matters to​ us – enjoy the​ football and support our team.

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