Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Foods To Help You Lose Weight
Every year,​ thousands of​ dollars are spent on​ every imaginable diet program,​ slimdown products,​ and​ weigh loss pills. ​
For many women,​ money is​ no object since the​ need to​ shed those extra pounds far outweighs any concern for finances. ​

Statistical data from 2003 to​ 2018 indicate that obesity rates had risen in​ 31 of​ the​ 50 American states. ​
The data came from surveys conducted by different local health departments on​ the​ height and​ weight of​ people from different states. ​
Another result of​ the​ survey pointed out a​ close relationship between obesity and​ heart disease among the​ respondents. ​
Due to​ the​ serious health implications of​ the​ study,​ state funding had been allocated to​ educate people about the​ dangers of​ being obese and​ overweight. ​
The governmentsponsored weight loss programs also focused on​ simple information campaigns about good eating habits. ​
People were provided flyers and​ other reading materials that contained information on​ how to​ make proper food choices. ​
This strategy made sense since there are types of​ food that can actually curb ones appetite and​ stop your sugar cravings. ​
These food groups also boost metabolism which helps consume stored fat in​ the​ body which,​ in​ the​ process,​ leads to​ weight loss. ​
Shown below are some of​ the​ good food that should be part of​ a​ weight watchers eating plan
1. Beans Beans contain cholecystokinin,​ a​ digestive harmone that acts as​ a​ natural appetite suppressant. ​
Beans also keep blood sugar on​ an even keel and​ helps stave off hunger longer. ​
Highfiber bean varieties can even lower cholesterol levels.
2. Salad Eating salad is​ highly recommended by the​ American Dietetic Association because the​ vegetablebased meal is​ rich in​ vitamins c and​ e,​ lycopene,​ folic acid,​ and​ carontenoids. ​
However,​ it​ is​ best to​ cut down on​ the​ dressing when eating salad. ​
Some salad dressings can actually be high in​ calories.
3. Eggs Eaten in​ moderate amounts,​ eggs are good for the​ health since these contain protein that helps prevent spikes in​ blood sugar. ​
Weight watchers are often advised to​ eat only egg whites.
4. Green Tea This type of​ tea is​ an antioxidant and​ helps stimulate metabolism which,​ in​ turn,​ burns fat. ​
Green tea is​ rich in​ antioxidants called catechins. ​

5. Soup Having a​ little chicken soup is​ good for the​ body because it​ helps decrease hunger. ​
Chicken soup is​ considered a​ folk remedy for colds and​ flu.
6. Highfiber Cereals Cereals which are high in​ fiber help improve digestion and​ are good for reducing hunger pangs.
7. Tofu if ​ you eat tofu,​ you tend to​ eat less food. ​
Tofu is​ considered as​ an appetitequashing protein.
8. Lean Beef Lean beef contains an amino acid called leucine which helps provide energy,​ regulate blood sugar,​ and​ repair muscles. ​

9. Olive Oil Cooking food in​ olive oil is​ healthy because it​ contains monounsaturated fat which is​ widely accepted as​ a​ product that helps prevent cardiovascular disease. ​

10. Pears This fruit is​ a​ good source of​ fiber and​ fructose which does not cause spikes in​ bloodsugar levels.
11. Nuts Research released by Purdue University showed that adding about 500 calories of​ peanuts to​ their regular diet helped them eat less food that could cause weight gain.
12. Vinegar Acetic acid found in​ vinegar slows the​ passage of​ food from the​ stomach into the​ small intestine,​ thereby causing satiety a​ feeling of​ fullness in​ the​ stomach. ​
Vinegar also helps improve blood glucose control which is​ needed by diabetics.
13. Red Hot Pepper a​ bowl of​ spicy chili can help a​ person lose weight due to​ an ingredient called capsaicin. ​
This ingredient actually helps suppress appetite.
Indeed,​ being in​ control of​ ones weight involves the​ simple act of​ choosing to​ eat good food. ​
Having a​ regular exercise program and​ controlling the​ number of​ calories consumed each day will go a​ long way in​ helping a​ person win the​ Battle of​ the​ Bulge.

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