Food Journals A Quick And Easy Solution For Weight Loss And Better Nutrition

Food Journals A Quick And Easy Solution For Weight Loss And Better

Food Journals a Quick and Easy Solution for Weight Loss and Better Nutrition

One tried and​ true method for producing weight loss is​ keeping a​ food journal. ​
Multiple studies have shown that people who keep track of​ what they eat lose more weight and​ are more likely to​ keep it​ off permanently. ​
There are several reasons why this works.
First,​ and​ foremost,​ you become accountable for what you put in​ your mouth. ​
Think of​ it​ as​ a​ scorecard of​ your performance. ​
We have all heard the​ expression,​ numbers don’t lie. ​
When golfers hit the​ links with a​ scorecard,​ they tend to​ be infinitely more truthful about their game. ​
Keeping a​ truthful record of​ your daily food intake provides you with an undeniable scorecard of​ your performance.
Second,​ it​ is​ virtually impossible for most people to​ keep a​ mental tally of​ everything they eat in​ a​ day including calorie values. ​
An old Chinese proverb states,​ the​ palest ink is​ stronger than the​ strongest mind. ​
Take advantage of​ the​ power of​ the​ pen and​ write it​ down as​ soon as​ you eat it​ and​ keep a​ running tally. ​
You will be less likely to​ overeat and​ consume more calories than you can burn.
Third,​ it​ can assist you in​ finding your trouble spots. ​
Look for trends in​ your performance. ​
Are you likely to​ eat more at ​ night? On the​ weekend? When you are with certain people? Remember,​ a​ problem welldefined is​ 95% solved. ​
if ​ you do not know where you are having trouble,​ you can’t pinpoint the​ problem or​ fix it.
Consistency is​ the​ key. ​
Try recording everything you eat for 30 days. ​
For the​ most effective results,​ do not skip any days. ​
Make sure to​ record everything you eat in​ accurate amounts. ​
You may find that you need to​ measure foods at ​ first to​ get a​ good idea of​ your portion sizes.
Your food journal can be as​ simple or​ as​ complex as​ you wish. ​
You may choose to​ track only your calorie intake or​ the​ number of​ servings of​ fruits and​ vegetables you consume. ​
or​ you may be inclined to​ keep track of​ the​ times you eat and,​ if ​ necessary,​ with whom you are eating. ​
You might also choose to​ record the​ grams of​ fat,​ cholesterol or​ carbohydrates consumed along with fiber content. ​
There are many books and​ resources available to​ help you find out the​ nutritional content of​ any food.
This technique will only take a​ few minutes out of​ your day. ​
Ideally,​ you will see the​ results on​ your scale and​ how your clothes fit within a​ few days. ​
at ​ the​ very least you will have valuable information about your dietary habits,​ with which you can take action and​ produce the​ changes you desire.

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