Flexibility For Golf Will Not Be Lost With Weight Training

Flexibility For Golf Will Not Be Lost With Weight Training

There is​ no doubt that flexibility for golf is​ extremely important to​ your golf game. Little wonder that one of​ the​ biggest fears among many golfers looking to​ improve their game is​ that of​ losing their flexibility specific to​ golf as​ a​ result of​ weight training that builds muscles and stretching exercises.

This is​ one of​ the​ reasons why many amateur golfers still avoid joining golf-specific exercise and conditioning programs. They mistakenly link every weight-training program with muscle building and bodybuilding.

Although it​ is​ true that muscle building and body building will tend to​ make somebody stiff,​ the​ facts are that weight training can either be used for body-building and building of​ muscles,​ or​ it​ can be used to​ build strength.

The golf specific weight training programs are aimed at​ building strength and endurance. Not muscles. a​ genuine golf exercise program will have nothing in​ its’ weight training routine to​ remotely relate it​ to​ muscle or​ bodybuilding.

In fact stronger conditioned muscles will tend to​ dramatically improve flexibility for golf,​ rather than reduce it. Flabby,​ weak,​ unexercised muscles are the​ ones that will tend to​ be very stiff and over time will take away the​ flexibility for golf in​ anybody.

Stretch exercises,​ which work best with strengthened muscles are very effective in​ helping to​ increase flexibility. These exercises usually have a​ major impact on​ the​ quality of​ the​ golf swing for most players.

Therefore it​ is​ not true that incorporating dumbbells into golf specific exercises makes a​ golfer lose flexibility. Rather the​ entire program plays a​ major role in​ enhancing flexibility for golf and the​ results from players who have tremendously improved their game,​ speak for themselves.

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