Five Unstoppable Tactics For Demonic Viral Marketing

Five Unstoppable Tactics For Demonic Viral Marketing

Five Unstoppable Tactics For Demonic Viral Marketing.
Does marketing your start-up company petrify your checkbook? Tri-media advertising does wonders for corporate brand building but it's not the​ only way to​ spread the​ good word .​
With non conventional promotion,​ you​ avoid costly tri media expenses and create an​ almost demonic cult-following for your new product or​ service .​
All you​ need is​ a​ bit of​ unconventional thinking.
Let's get down to​ brass tacks.
Since 1999,​ I've been launching successful start-ups .​
Most were pure online initiatives,​ but two are click-and-mortar hybrids .​
Today,​ each business unit makes enough to​ pay the​ utility bills,​ indulge in​ fancy dinners,​ and fly off on​ exotic vacations .​
Just key my name in​ google and you'll have an​ idea of​ my different passions.
Skyrocketing my pursuits to​ niche dominance doesn't take a​ Ph.D degree .​
Allow me to​ bare my secrets:
1 .​
eGroups,​ yahoogroups and google groups allow the​ establishment of​ virtual families where people of​ like minds converge .​
WIth just a​ group of​ twenty active participants,​ you​ create a​ massive product buzz that eventually snowballs into unstoppable viral marketing.
My earliest endeavor revolved around business NLP,​ mind advancement and dating .​
Coaching was my passion and TV advertising would have cost a​ bleeding arm .​
I​ tackled the​ challenge by deploying an​ eGroup account and posting free self-help articles .​
At the​ 10th post,​ curious websurfers began signing up and participating .​
They left comments,​ added suggestions and invited other friends to​ jump in​ .​
The forum then grew exponentially and I​ witnessed a​ living,​ organic group of​ 8000+ members .​
People traded stories,​ joked,​ passed on​ tips and even flirted outrageously .​
For me,​ this meant a​ goldmine of​ targetted advertising: I​ would post one product announcement every quarter to​ a​ community already avid on​ the​ subject!
2 .​
Everybody loves a​ freebie; I​ snap up product samples at​ the​ mall or​ grocery store .​
When I​ get home and try that free shampoo sachet,​ I'd eventually come back and buy a​ bottle at​ a​ bloodcurdling $19.95 .​
Mall owners were on​ to​ something!
Free eBooks,​ articles and mp3 recordings are hot downloads on​ the​ web .​
To target the​ army of​ freebie addicts,​ I​ jumpstarted Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Audition .​
Every month saw me marching out armadas of​ pdfs and mp3s .​
They were my eager footsoldiers,​ poised to​ strike at​ at freeware download sites.
So how did this benefit me? Each pdf and mp3 is​ armed with a​ resource segment containing my URLs and services .​
As these marketing warriors circulate the​ web,​ they stir up a​ storm of​ awareness.. .​
and direct traffic to​ my sites.
3 .​
What would do if​ you​ saw a​ product that trumpted Unlimited Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee? Of course you​ wouldn't think twice about buying it .​
There's no risk on​ the​ part of​ the​ buyer.. .​
after all the​ product can be returned ten days-- or​ ten months after purchase .​
Let your confidence in​ your product show by backing it​ up with unconditional guarantees.
4 .​
Avoid canned responses .​
Reply immediately .​
Offer solutions,​ not qualified excuses .​
Throw in​ value-adding surprises such as​ unannounced freebies and 24/7 tech support .​
Friendly gestures might cost a​ bit of​ money,​ but it​ goes a​ long way in​ building warm customer relationships .​
You want to​ create friends out of​ your clients.
You may be the​ best at​ what you​ do,​ but if​ you​ bad mouth the​ competition,​ you​ cast a​ pall upon your reputation .​
Share the​ glory with others by giving praise and credit where they're due.
In my businesses,​ I​ prominently advertise the​ competition on​ my websites .​
I​ empower my clients with CHOICE .​
Don't worry about lost sales; customers will naturally appreciate your impartiality and quickly realize that you're after their welfare.
Business isn't always about making money .​
It's about nurturing relationships and building social networks .​
Once word of​ your superb business practices spread,​ revenue will follow.

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