Five Secrets To Weight Loss

Weight loss – such a​ “big” topic! Every month another book is​ out by another expert on​ weight loss. Everyone wants to​ know the​ secret to​ losing weight.

I certainly don’t have the​ secret,​ but I do have some secrets,​ and I want to​ share them with you in​ the​ hope you find them helpful.

Weight used to​ be a​ major issue for me. Losing weight was never out of​ my thoughts,​ and I can’t tell you how many different diets,​ pills and programs I tried until I discovered some “secrets” that have worked for me for many years now.

So here they are. I hope they work as​ well for you as​ they have for me.

1. Change your focus from losing weight to​ achieving great health.

I grew up as​ a​ sickly child and I was a​ sickly young adult. I hated being sick and never having energy to​ do all the​ things I wanted to​ do. So I decided to​ learn about what creates great health.

First I read tons of​ books on​ nutrition and became convinced that I needed to​ switch to​ organic foods. That was quite a​ challenge in​ 1961! There was one coop health food store that I had to​ follow around Los Angeles because it​ kept moving locations. But it​ was worth it! My rule of​ thumb now is​ – if​ they didn’t eat it​ 100 years ago,​ then I won’t eat it​ now. This cuts out most packaged and processed foods and leaves natural,​ organic food.

2. Learn to​ read your body signals regarding what feels good to​ your body and what feels bad.

I no longer read about all the​ different diets because I’ve learned to​ tune into MY body so that I know exactly what my body needs for great health. Since my body needs different things than your body,​ no single food plan will work for everyone. Your job is​ to​ learn to​ tune into what gives you energy and what robs you of​ energy,​ and what foods create calmness and which ones create agitation. Once I learned what my body needs for great health,​ I lost weight and kept it​ off easily.

3. Find a​ form of​ exercise that you enjoy and that you can do at​ least 5 times a​ week.

I discovered that I love to​ walk in​ nature,​ so I take a​ fast half-hour walk every day. However,​ this can be a​ problem if​ you have physical limitations or​ chronic illness. Losing weight with chronic illness or​ physical limitations is​ not impossible,​ but it​ can be a​ much bigger challenge.

4. Learn to​ discern which part of​ you determines what and when you eat,​ as​ well as​ how much you eat.

We all have a​ wounded part of​ ourselves that uses various addictions as​ ways to​ deal with feelings of​ loneliness,​ aloneness,​ helplessness,​ anxiety,​ depression,​ fear and anger. Some people may use alcohol,​ drugs,​ spending,​ TV,​ gambling,​ sex,​ and so on​ to​ avoid their pain,​ while other use food. While food may work to​ pacify painful feelings for the​ moment,​ in​ the​ long run all addictions backfire and create the​ very pain you are trying to​ avoid. Yet our wounded self keeps choosing addictive behavior as​ a​ way of​ managing pain. as​ long as​ the​ wounded part of​ you is​ making your food choices,​ you may continue to​ have a​ weight problem.

The part of​ us that is​ capable of​ managing painful feelings in​ healthy ways and making healthy choices is​ the​ loving Adult. the​ loving Adult is​ the​ part of​ us that has a​ deep desire to​ learn about and take loving action in​ our own behalf. Developing a​ loving Adult is​ a​ major aspect in​ creating health and wellbeing,​ as​ well as​ in​ losing weight and maintaining a​ healthy weight.

5. Learn to​ connect with a​ spiritual source of​ wisdom,​ strength,​ love and guidance.

The loving Adult is​ that part of​ us that is​ connected with a​ spiritual source of​ guidance rather than being governed by the​ mind. the​ mind,​ bring programmed from childhood,​ is​ the​ home of​ the​ wounded self. You are being a​ loving Adult at​ those moments when you choose to​ be guided by a​ source of​ wisdom beyond your mind. This source will always guide you toward your highest good. You just need to​ learn to​ open and listen.

It is​ very likely that you will not only lose weight,​ but will also move into more physical and emotional health and wellbeing if​ you embrace these “secrets” into your life. we​ offer you a​ free course (see the​ resource box) to​ help you with developing your loving Adult. Once you have developed a​ powerful loving inner Adult,​ you will be able to​ lose weight. if​ you really want to​ lose weight,​ there is​ a​ way!
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