Five More Unusual Ways To Make Money

Five More Unusual Ways to​ Make Money
There are a​ lot of​ ways to​ make money if​ you​ have money .​
You don't have to​ turn to​ complicated businesses or​ ordinary ways like bank C.D.'s .​
And you​ don't even have to​ use your money .​
If you​ have credit cards,​ for example,​ you​ can get cash advances,​ and make money with the​ cash .​
These are ways that aren't quite a​ business because you​ can do them once or​ only when you​ feel like it.
Invest in​ Other's Expertise
My friend John had to​ show me several car magazines before I​ understood why an​ old fiberglass car was a​ good deal at​ $2,​300,​ because I​ know nothing about cars .​
When he eventually convinced me to​ put up the​ money,​ it​ needed a​ new transmission for $900 .​
Fortunately,​ he sold the​ corvette for $4,​300,​ netting us about $1,​000 .​
I​ took half the​ profit ($500) for putting up the​ money for the​ two weeks.
I used to​ do this quite a​ bit years ago,​ and only once lost $50 or​ so on​ a​ car .​
I​ knew nothing about cars,​ so I​ did it​ with friends that know cars but don't have cash .​
By the​ way,​ if​ I​ had paid 18% interest and a​ $50 cash advance fee to​ raise the​ money with a​ credit card,​ my profit would still have been over $400,​ and John did all the​ work .​
I​ love playing with money .​
Do you​ have any friends who know everything about boats?
Buy And Sell Mobile Homes
Pay cash and you​ get better prices on​ almost anything,​ including mobile homes .​
Sell with easy terms,​ and you​ get the​ highest price,​ because you​ are making it​ possible for someone to​ buy a​ home .​
More than one investor out there is​ buying and selling mobile homes .​
I read one investors story about a​ recent deal he did .​
He bought a​ mobile for $4,​000 .​
The seller was asking $6,​500,​ but was tired of​ waiting and paying the​ lot rent .​
The investor cleaned it​ up and sold it​ for $10,​000,​ with $1000 down,​ payments of​ $250,​ and 10% interest on​ the​ balance .​
Did the​ buyer overpay? Hard to​ say,​ since his alternative may have been renting and having nothing to​ show for it​ in​ a​ few years,​ instead of​ having a​ home with some residual value.
Be a​ Loan Shark
People occasionally need money for a​ short while .​
a​ friend of​ mine for example,​ got a​ good paying construction job because I​ loaned him $300 to​ get drywall stilts .​
I​ used to​ do this often many years ago,​ and I​ never charged less than a​ $5/week as​ a​ loan fee (don't call it​ interest) .​
I​ made one or​ two thousand dollars extra some years doing this .​
If you​ have any qualms about it,​ check the​ laws in​ your area and put it​ all in​ writing .​
Also,​ if​ you​ want total security,​ take collateral.
Buy And Sell Estates
We recently met a​ couple who buy out estates,​ sell some of​ the​ things at​ flea markets,​ then run the​ rest through auctions .​
They've made a​ living doing this for years .​
They load up a​ trailer after negotiating to​ buy a​ whole house full of​ stuff .​
Then,​ if​ they don't want to​ do the​ flea market thing,​ they just auction everything on​ Sunday afternoon for a​ nice profit.
If you​ are a​ good judge of​ value and have a​ regular auction nearby,​ you​ could do the​ same with rummage sales .​
Just offer $100 for everything and then auction it​ off piece-by-piece .​
The auction near us lets anyone sell their stuff,​ with no fee to​ enter .​
They just take a​ 25% commission.
Playing With the​ Casino's Money
I worked at​ a​ casino for years and I​ saw a​ lot of​ people foolishly writing down the​ numbers that came up on​ the​ roulette wheel .​
Foolishly,​ I​ say,​ because their their theories were nonsense .​
Casinos will always welcome these players and even hand them the​ pen and paper.
One player,​ however,​ was actually scientific about it .​
By finding a​ bias in​ the​ wheel,​ after charting it​ for 5,​000 spins,​ he made thousands betting on​ just one or​ two numbers .​
When a​ number comes up,​ it​ pays 35 to​ 1,​ but one of​ the​ numbers,​ because of​ manufacturing imperfections or​ whatever reason,​ was coming up 1 in​ 27 spins,​ instead of​ the​ average 1 in​ 38 spins.
So all he had to​ do was bet $10 a​ spin,​ and he profited $80 for every 27 spins of​ the​ wheel in​ the​ long run .​
That's about $100 per hour .​
The ups and downs are dramatic though,​ so this is​ not for the​ faint-hearted .​
In this case,​ I​ saw him lose as​ much as​ $700 in​ a​ night .​
Also,​ not all wheels have biases (they eventually replaced that wheel) .​
So have you​ ever tried card counting in​ blackjack...? There are endless ways to​ make money.

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