Finally A Savory New Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off For Life

Finally A Savory New Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off For Life

A new world take on​ an​ old-world way of​ eating can be better than the​ many diets that are extreme and difficult or​ expensive to​ follow,​ and gives results in​ just 10 days. It's "The Sonoma Diet" (Meredith Books,​ $24.95) by Dr. Connie Guttersen,​ R.D.,​ Ph.D.

Ordinary weight loss plans can be uncomfortable or​ even unhealthy,​ asking you to​ cut out certain ingredients,​ and it​ can be hard to​ find out exactly what's in​ everything you eat-particularly if​ you want to​ eat out or​ at​ someone else's table.

Now there's a​ medically proven powerhouse program that has already helped countless dieters lose weight without counting calories or​ eliminating a​ single food category. This is​ the​ rejuvenating,​ sun-drenched cuisine you can savor without guilt while staying lean for a​ lifetime. it​ turns mealtime into a​ celebration,​ not a​ deprivation.

That's because across the​ Atlantic a​ timeless Mediterranean approach has consistently been linked with weight management and excellent overall health. Now the​ science behind these miracle foods has at​ last been translated to​ another sun-drenched locale closer to​ home: Sonoma County,​ California. the​ result is​ a​ proven,​ sane and completely savory way to​ stay fit for life.

Dr. Guttersen was a​ weight-loss counselor and nutrition researcher for many years and she is​ now on​ the​ faculty of​ the​ renowned Culinary Institute of​ America. She was inspired to​ develop a​ cutting-edge program that would reflect and perfect a​ celebration of​ food for people who love to​ eat and offers flavorful food good enough for guests. a​ recent study found that increasing carbohydrates with an​ emphasis on​ vegetables and fruits and grains,​ in​ fact does not promote weight gain. the​ Sonoma Diet doesn't call for any diet foods,​ just satisfying,​ easy-to-prepare meals that will actually program your body to​ lose weight. Flavorful recipes the​ whole family will love are portioned out so you won't overeat. Busy dieters can enjoy express salads even if​ they're always on​ the​ go.

You can enjoy such a​ carefree experience on​ the​ Sonoma Diet because Dr. Guttersen has done all the​ science for you. Her recommended meals offer a​ range of​ delicious "power foods" that deliver maximum disease-fighting nutrients,​ infused with robust flavors and plenty of​ variety. Eaten in​ the​ correct combinations,​ these power meals will keep you feeling full while shifting your body's metabolic levels into high gear.

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