Features And Benefits Of Spam Filter

Features And Benefits Of Spam Filter

The ideal anti-spam software is​ the one that ensures you​ your​ privacy and​ blocks 100 percent of​ the emails you​ do not want to​ receive. But it​ is​ never going to​ be possible. Spammers are always inventing new techniques to​ trick the filters, and​ the developers of​ anti-spam software try not to​ overlook it.

Most anti-spam programs can be customized to​ your​ needs, and​ only the approved emails come into your​ inbox. Let’s look at​ the features and​ benefits of​ anti-spam software.

Deleting spam before it​ reaches the inbox. Certain​ anti-spam solutions take the decision​ about spam messages not only based on​ the sender’s email address, they also analyze the subject lines and​ the message content. Some anti-spam programs allow you​ block emails with various types of​ attachments. Most anti-spam solutions catch and​ delete detected spam emails before they slip into your​ inbox.

Filter updates. Most programs for​ filtering spam come with hundreds of​ filters built in. in​ addition, the developers of​ those programs release new anti-spam filters regularly. this​ ensures that your​ anti-spam software is​ always up-to-date.

Custom filters. Certain​ anti-spam filters allow you​ tailor built in​ filters to​ your​ personal needs as​ well as​ create your​ own filters, depending on​ the spam and​ legitimate emails you​ receive.
Quarantining spam. Spam blockers prevent junk emails from entering your​ inbox and​ move them to​ a​ specific quarantine or​ trash folder. Quarantined emails are stored there for​ a​ number of​ days and​ then deleted forever. this​ delay allows you​ review deleted emails to​ check if​ all of​ them are spam.

Recovering emails. Certain​ anti-spam filters store quarantined emails for​ a​ fixed number of​ days in​ the specific trash folder and​ allow you​ to​ recover any email.

your​ personal whitelist and​ blacklist. you​ can maintain​ your​ own lists of​ trusted email senders (whitelist) and​ suspicious email addresses, from which you​ are used to​ receive spam (blacklist). you​ can always update your​ whitelist and​ blacklist as​ you​ want.

Monitoring multiple email accounts. this​ feature allows you​ monitor and​ filter your​ email from multiple email accounts. you​ to​ filter your​ home email from the office, and​ vice versa.

Automatic mode. Certain​ anti-spam programs can check inbound mail at​ fixed time intervals and​ delete spam without your​ participation.

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