Fast Weight Loss For Special Occasions

Fast Weight Loss For Special Occasions

You have all been through it​ before,​ the​ family wedding is​ coming up next month and you can’t seem to​ fit into that suit or​ dress because you have put on​ too much weight. So you must lose at​ least ten or​ more pounds quickly.

Losing weight quickly is​ not advisable as​ most of​ the​ loss will be muscle tissue and water; you put on​ the​ weight slowly (usually over years) so normally you should take it​ off slowly and then you will know that the​ majority of​ the​ loss will be body fat.

But you have a​ problem here and the​ clock is​ ticking so you will have to​ diet pretty hard to​ meet your target weight loss. Let’s look at​ that first,​ you all know that diets don’t work; they send the​ body into starvation mode,​ a​ survival mechanism from long age when humans faced periods of​ famine.

Going too low in​ calories causes the​ body to​ lower its metabolic rate,​ which reduces its ability to​ burn fat. at​ the​ same time,​ hunger signals increase and you quickly start to​ crave high-energy foods loaded with fats and sugar,​ the​ same foods you are trying to​ do without.

Research shows repeated dieting actually makes it​ harder to​ lose weight and easier to​ put it​ on​ because when you dump the​ diet and return to​ normal eating habits the​ drop in​ metabolic rate caused by the​ diet means that your old habits actually represent an​ excess in​ calories. Not only do you regain the​ fat stores just lost,​ but also you may even gain an​ extra bit.

Knowing this,​ you really don’t want to​ put yourselves through this rigorous process,​ but for this special occasion you will. First though,​ you will have to​ boost the​ metabolism that has been lowered by the​ dieting. to​ do this you will have to​ perform a​ "Strength Train" workout to​ generate that initial spike in​ your metabolism. By increasing the​ lean muscle on​ your body by using Strength Training,​ your metabolism will increase,​ burning fat along the​ way.

The strength training technique I use requires just twenty to​ thirty mins per week. Gone are the​ days of​ the​ five-day a​ week program with 6 to​ 12 sets per body part that,​ method has never worked. One short intense strength-training workout a​ week will elevate your metabolism more than you ever thought possible.

While the​ calories expended doing exercise are important,​ the​ increase in​ metabolism especially after strength training continues long after the​ exercise is​ finished,​ burning calories at​ the​ same time.

The two main components of​ this technique are the​ intensity of​ the​ exercise and the​ recovery after the​ exercise. Infrequent,​ short,​ high intensity weight training sessions,​ followed by the​ required amount of​ time to​ recover and become stronger is​ what is​ needed to​ increase functional lean muscle and lose body fat.

The way to​ lose body fat and maintain muscle is​ to​ have a​ food program for life. Quality food and more energy output are the​ basics you’ll need to​ go for. Bulk foods that fill you up and don’t fill you out,​ foods that are low in​ fat and sugar which aren’t refined should be the​ ideal.

Small frequent meals should be consumed during the​ day each containing a​ little protein to​ maintain muscle mass and energy levels. a​ high quality broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement should also be taken on​ a​ daily basis.

As before get the​ calories from high quality food but if​ you can’t,​ utilize a​ blender to​ make concoctions from skim milk with whatever additives you want to​ use,​ just as​ long as​ you keep count of​ the​ calories for your daily total.

Now use these blender mixtures and solid food for your daily feedings. Spread it​ out over many small meals a​ day instead of​ the​ traditional three meals a​ day. the​ way to​ keep track of​ weight loss is​ to​ buy a​ calorie counter and record your daily calorie intake for a​ week.

Now average out how many calories you consume a​ day with the​ use of​ a​ seven-day eating plan and calorie counter,​ once you have this figure subtract 1000 calories and this will be the​ target number of​ calories you will be aiming for.

Remembering that one-pound of​ fat contains 3500cals,​ losing 1000 calories a​ day will total 7000 for the​ week,​ which equals two pounds lost by dietary means alone. Another technique for low calorie eating is​ to​ watch your fat intake as​ this has the​ most calories.

Incidental activity is​ also very important if​ you want to​ lose this amount of​ weight in​ this short period of​ time,​ by increasing incidental activity you can burn at​ least another pound a​ week the​ best exercise for the​ purpose of​ fat-loss is​ fast walking either indoors on​ the​ treadmill or​ outdoors.

Walk until you are mildly puffing and hold that rate until the​ allotted time. if​ your aerobic activities leave you panting or​ breathless,​ your going too hard,​ your energy is​ coming from your carbohydrate reserves and not from your fat stores. Try fast walking for one hour a​ day every day of​ the​ week.

Well there you have it,​ as​ an​ experienced trainer I wouldn’t recommend this type of​ program to​ my clients. the​ weight loss is​ just too quick and the​ program would be very hard to​ maintain owing to​ the​ very low caloric intake.

I advise my clients to​ decrease their calories by just 500 per day (and no more) below their maintenance levels and they will be losing 1 – 2 pounds of​ body fat every week,​ safely,​ without craving and without too much disruption to​ their lifestyle.

Remember,​ think long term here and that’s between 30 and 50 pounds of​ fat lost in​ six months. Any faster and all you will be losing is​ water and precious muscle tissue.

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