Fast Loss Of Weight

Fast Loss Of Weight

Tired of​ going to​ gym and yet no results? Try these methods of​ fast loss of​ weight..

Is it​ possible to​ lose weight fast? Yes indeed. Fast loss of​ weight means losing about one to​ two pounds per week. However,​ any program,​ which promotes losing 12-15 pounds in​ a​ week or​ 10 days is​ not in​ favor of​ your health or​ you can say may cause harm to​ your health. Fast loss of​ weight in​ a​ healthy manner is​ possible only with certain diet plans and regular exercises.

1. South Beach Diet: This includes three phases. the​ first phase lasts for 14 days. in​ this phase you are not allowed to​ eat high glycemic foods like mashed potatoes,​ donuts,​ sports drinks,​ pretzels,​ instant rice and ice cream. as​ a​ result you will lose insulin resistance and soon begin to​ lose fats. in​ these 14 days you can lose up to​ 10 pounds. in​ second phase you can slowly add your restricted food items to​ your meal. the​ time period varies from person to​ person. You must continue this phase until you reach your dream weight. Phase three is​ for whole life. This phase just maintain your reduced weight. You can include three fruit and three grain servings to​ your menu per day. With the​ South Beach diet fast loss of​ weight is​ possible in​ a​ healthy way.

2. Microbiotic Diet: the​ microbiotic diet is​ low in​ fat and high in​ fibre. So it​ is​ popular among vegetarians. This diet restricts milk products,​ sugar and meat. This diet includes soya products,​ green leafy vegetables containing roughages,​ two bowls of​ shoyo or​ mishu soup,​ whole grains,​ beans and brown rice. Cooking oil preferred is​ corn oil or​ mustard oil. For a​ vegetarian,​ fast loss of​ weight can be obtained with the​ help of​ this diet.

3. For fast weight loss you can use appetite suppressor like Hoodia Gordoni,​ which is​ 100% natural and give no side effects.

With the​ help of​ these diet and regular exercises you can achieve your aim of​ fast weight loss in​ a​ healthy manner.

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