Fashion Marketing Schools

Fashion Marketing Schools

One of​ Europe's Top Fashion Marketing Schools: Polimoda Institute of​ Fashion Design and Marketing
What moves the​ great looking fashion apparels of​ the​ world from fashion designer showrooms to​ retail floors,​ and finally,​ consumer hands?
The answer is​ fashion marketing.
With the​ teachings of​ the​ fashion industry's professionals,​ well-organized field trips,​ numerous projects,​ and labor-intensive internships,​ students of​ a​ fashion marketing course are sure to​ gain a​ comprehensive understanding of​ the​ fashion cycles,​ as​ well as​ the​ ins and outs of​ the​ clothing industry.
Students of​ a​ fashion marketing course are usually trained in​ a​ wide assortment of​ disciplines,​ such as​ fashion merchandising and coordination,​ business management,​ marketing techniques and advertising strategies,​ visual merchandising,​ and retail management.
Do you​ have a​ good fashion sense? Do you​ know what's in​ style or​ not? Do you​ have the​ desire and drive to​ take the​ qualities you​ have a​ notch higher - as​ in​ use them in​ a​ rewarding and profitable career in​ fashion? a​ degree in​ Fashion Marketing will give you​ a​ chance to​ become any of​ the​ following: a​ fashion buyer,​ a​ fashion coordinator,​ a​ retail merchandiser,​ a​ visual merchandiser,​ a​ retail store manager,​ or​ a​ boutique owner.
Fashion marketing is​ a​ mixture of​ design,​ advertising,​ business administration,​ and a​ good understanding of​ the​ fashion world,​ as​ well as​ a​ sense of​ pop culture and what would be stylish in​ the​ days,​ months,​ or​ years to​ come .​
Fashion marketers connect designers and the​ people,​ all the​ while keeping themselves behind the​ scenes.
As you​ can see,​ numerous job prospects await those who will venture into the​ fashion world .​
You just have to​ make certain that you​ will be able to​ choose the​ right kind of​ fashion marketing school,​ as​ well as​ a​ program that would give you​ the​ right kind of​ training for a​ successful career in​ fashion.
Polimoda International Institute of​ Design and Marketing
With the​ continuous attraction of​ many to​ the​ fashion industry,​ there is​ an​ increasing demand for fashion design and marketing schools that offer a​ one of​ a​ kind professional education .​
One of​ these schools is​ the​ Polimoda International Institute of​ Design and Marketing.
Located in​ the​ heart of​ Florence,​ Italy,​ Polimoda is​ recognized by many professionals as​ one of​ the​ best fashion design and marketing schools in​ Europe .​
With its closely-knit ties and continuous collaboration with the​ fashion world,​ Polimoda maintains its ability to​ provide its students with specialized training that is​ up to​ date with what is​ happening in​ the​ contemporary international fashion.
A member of​ the​ International Foundation of​ Fashion Technology Institutes,​ this Italian school of​ fashion offers comprehensive undergraduate classes,​ as​ well as​ graduate design master classes in​ the​ sales,​ production,​ merchandising,​ and marketing sectors of​ the​ fashion world,​ whether in​ Italian or​ English.
Established in​ 1986 through the​ proposal and financial support of​ the​ Florence and Prato city halls,​ a​ number of​ business organizations,​ and the​ Fashion Institute of​ Technology of​ the​ State University of​ New York,​ Polimoda is​ well-renowned for the​ professional courses in​ fashion marketing and merchandising that it​ offers to​ its students .​
The institution is​ also known for training students who wish to​ gain skills in​ fashion textiles and accessory and footwear markets.
Polimoda's program for fashion marketing includes instruction and training in​ areas like: Contemporary Fashion and Fashion Business,​ Strategic-Operative and International Marketing,​ Psychology of​ Communication and Selling,​ Human Resources and Economic Management,​ Organizational Communication and Interpersonal Techniques,​ Retail Marketing,​ Merchandising and Visual Merchandising,​ Cool Hunting and Trends,​ Complete Planning of​ a​ Fashion Product,​ Software Programming,​ Information Technology,​ and Specialized English .​
Not anyone can be admitted to​ Polimoda,​ however .​
Slots are limited and you​ can get in​ to​ this prestigious institution by means of​ a​ good exam result .​
Applicants,​ whether Italian or​ of​ another nationality,​ should complete and pass an​ application form complete with supporting materials .​
If you​ are interested,​ you​ may apply online or​ through mail.
Follow your dreams .​
Search for Polimoda in​ the​ World Wide Web now.

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