Family Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Family Christmas Gift Exchange Games
It used to​ be that families had no rules about gift buying .​
Everyone bought for everyone else,​ and gifts were exchanged when the​ family all got together somewhere during the​ Christmas season.
These days,​ it's more common for people to​ draw a​ name out of​ a​ hat or​ get assigned a​ person to​ buy for .​
Or the​ family creates a​ type of​ white elephant exchange instead of​ having family members buy for individuals in​ particular .​
So,​ what many families need is​ a​ fun way to​ exchange the​ gifts,​ whether they be for a​ specific person or​ whether they are 'white elephant type gifts.
If the​ family members drew names,​ there are several fun things you can do .​
The gifts can be hidden and clues given as​ to​ the​ location of​ the​ gifts .​
So,​ if​ you arrive at​ grandma's house with your gift for Aunt Martha,​ you might tuck her gift into a​ kitchen cabinet .​
Then you'd create a​ series of​ clue as​ to​ here it​ is​ .​
You might say,​ Cinnamon lurks here or​ it's the​ hub of​ the​ home,​ but not always the​ home of​ the​ hub.
The clues can be silly or​ deadly serious .​
They can be designed so someone will know where to​ find their present in​ just minutes,​ or​ designed so that it​ takes a​ series of​ clues to​ get someone right to​ their gift .​
If the​ group is​ small or​ the​ house particularly large,​ and the​ participants have the​ time you can always create a​ hunt where more than one tip is​ left and one tip leads to​ another,​ which leads to​ another until the​ gift is​ finally found .​
Why should the​ kids have all the​ fun? Create some fun gift exchange ideas for adults .​
Whether the​ family is​ doing a​ name draw and exchanging regular gifts or​ not,​ you can have some good family fun with a​ white elephant gift exchange .​
How about a​ themed white elephant gift exchange? If the​ family is​ into fishing,​ you could create that as​ a​ theme .​
Everyone must bring a​ gift related to​ fishing (this could be anything from sporting goods items,​ to​ a​ singing bass that goes on​ the​ wall) .​
It could be a​ hand held electronic fishing game or​ a​ board game with fishing as​ a​ theme.
In that same vein,​ you could create a​ cooking white elephant exchange or​ a​ camping themed gift exchange .​
Again,​ it's more about what will please members of​ the​ family than anything .​
Then create some fun games for the​ exchange itself .​
Perhaps everyone draws a​ number and gets to​ pick their gifts from the​ pile in​ the​ middle based on​ their number .​
Perhaps you begin the​ game that way,​ but then also people to​ 'steal' someone else's gift if​ they choose .​
You can require that the​ gift recipient shakes a​ gift,​ studies a​ gift and makes a​ good,​ educated guess as​ to​ its contents before opening it .​
If they are right,​ they can steal someone else's gift,​ but if​ they are wrong,​ they keep theirs .​
Add to​ the​ silliness factor by playing a​ card game and dictating that people can't get their gift and open it​ until they win a​ hand in​ the​ card game (ideally something fairly quick like poker or​ rummy).
The idea behind any family gift exchange should be enjoying each other's company and enjoying the​ Christmas spirit .​
As long as​ it's fun and engaging,​ there's no reason why the​ adults in​ the​ family can't have some fun games for exchanging gifts just the​ kids might.
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