Extreme Weight Loss Plans

Extreme Weight Loss Plans

Discussions about a​ woman's health is​ often too focused on​ being skinny or​ being slim. Fortunately,​ this attention to​ weight is​ no longer about vanity,​ being like Hollywood goddess,​ or​ looking like a​ ramp supermodel. For a​ good reason,​ women are now talking about the​ health implications of​ being obese or​ overweight. Normally,​ women are told to​ engage in​ regular physical exercise and control food consumption.

However,​ many women still struggle with setting aside time for exercise. the​ demands at​ work and at​ home also drive many women to​ go for every single comfort food they can get their hands on. Being confined to​ their small cubicles from 9 to​ 5 every single day makes a​ gym workout just another demand on​ their hectic schedules. as​ simple it​ may seem,​ for some women,​ working out and going on​ a​ diet are impossible tasks. Many desperately say that they just don't have the​ time and just resign themselves to​ the​ thought that obesity or​ becoming overweight is​ inevitable.

But losing the​ battle of​ the​ bulge need not be every woman's fate. There are now alternatives and innovations in​ science and medicine that would allow women to​ lose weight even if​ they cannot give up their careers or​ fix their schedules.

Comes in​ and this is​ not your average weigh loss diet pill. we​ are talking about going under the​ knife...


“Lipo” is​ for those who have the​ money to​ undergo to​ this extreme measure to​ loose weight. Usually celebrities take this easy route. According to​ the​ American Society of​ Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons,​ liposuction has been the​ most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in​ America since 2003. the​ procedure involves the​ identification of​ parts of​ the​ body that are predisposed to​ easy formation of​ fatty acids like the​ abdomen,​ the​ arms,​ and the​ hips. Liposuction is​ essentially a​ surgical technique that involves the​ insertion of​ a​ probing device into the​ patient's body. the​ probe is​ used to​ liquify the​ fat before the​ doctor suctions it​ out. an​ outpatient procedure takes an​ hour and a​ half to​ perform. After a​ procedure,​ the​ patient must wear a​ binding wrap for a​ number of​ weeks. a​ significant amount of​ medication is​ required to​ manage the​ pain that comes after the​ operation. However,​ “Lipo” procedure is​ only limited to​ the​ removal of​ 10 pounds of​ fat per operation and,​ as​ such,​ is​ considered more as​ a​ cosmetic procedure rather than a​ real weight loss program.

Hormone Therapy

Another weight-loss approach involves taking anti-aging medicine. as​ the​ body ages,​ hormone levels go down,​ the​ pituitary glands stop producing growth hormones,​ and one's metabolism slows down too. All this makes weight gain easier and losing weight a​ greater challenge. the​ goal of​ this method is​ to​ bring the​ body's function back to​ when a​ woman was still in​ her 20s—the age when the​ body is​ at​ its peak.

The procedure starts with a​ series of​ four tests that include growth hormone faction which tests the​ state of​ the​ pituitary gland; DHEA which checks the​ testosterone level; the​ T3T4 that tests the​ thyroid gland; and a​ daily morning temperature that is​ intended for checking the​ metabolism rate of​ the​ individual. Based on​ the​ results of​ these test,​ a​ mix of​ tablets,​ injections,​ and creams may be prescribed by the​ doctor. This procedure is​ best for people whose hormones are not in​ tip-top shape. the​ risk of​ this therapy are overdose and hyperthyroidism.

Bariatric Surgery

This is​ recommended for those who suffer from what is​ called morbid obesity---being overweight by 100 pounds or​ more. the​ procedure involves stomach stapling,​ which is​ about reducing the​ size of​ the​ stomach so that a​ patient feels full after a​ small amount food. the​ expected result is​ a​ decrease in​ calorie intake and the​ long-term reduction in​ weight. the​ surgeon creates a​ pouch by stapling across the​ top of​ the​ stomach. Then a​ section of​ the​ small intestine about two to​ five feet in​ length is​ attached to​ it​ so that food can bypass the​ duodenum—the first portion of​ the​ intestine. it​ reduces calorie and fat absorption. This procedure can now be done laparoscopically---with narrow tubes through which a​ small camera allows for accurate incisions and stitchings. This is​ best for severely obese people or​ who are overweight by 100 pounds or​ more. Aside from the​ same risk the​ comes with all major surgeries,​ death is​ an​ added risk in​ any operation for patients who are seriously overweight. Then,​ there is​ also the​ risk of​ gastric perforation (tear in​ the​ stomach wall) during or​ after the​ procedure that might lead to​ another surgery.


Also known as​ Mesotheraphy,​ lipo-dissolve is​ a​ new treatment specifically designed to​ eliminate localized pockets of​ fat in​ the​ body such as​ love handles,​ underarm flabs,​ knee flabs,​ double chin,​ and eye bags. the​ procedure entails the​ injection of​ Lecithin into the​ flabby body part in​ question. Lecithin is​ naturally made by the​ body to​ break down dietary fats,​ helps maintain lipid balance. the​ chemical reaction causes the​ fat to​ dissolve and be expelled by the​ body through the​ lymph glands. Each session last about 30 to​ 60 minutes and treatments are given once weekly. This is​ best for people who have lean bodies. the​ risk of​ this method is​ only limited to​ minor bruising.

Women should always consider their weight loss goals and the​ pros and cons of​ undergoing these medical procedures. Getting to​ one's desired weight and figure need not always be about sweating it​ out and depriving one's self of​ food. Sometimes,​ these shortcuts to​ weight loss might be the​ faster,​ easier alternative to​ lose excess pounds.

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