Exercise And Weight Loss Tip 1 Why Behind The Neck Exercises Are Bad
For You

Exercise And Weight Loss Tip 1 Why Behind The Neck Exercises Are Bad For You

Please don't be like me!

Several years ago I was warned to​ stay away from behind-the-neck exercises and movements,​ and do you think I listened? of​ course not.

And as​ a​ result,​ I acquired a​ rotator cuff injury that slowly gets worse and worse over time.

It is​ often said that it​ is​ much smarter to​ learn from the​ mistakes of​ others than to​ have to​ suffer the​ consequences yourself. I'd say that I agree with that.

Just in​ case you are not quite sure what a​ "rotator cuff" is,​ its a​ handy little muscle on​ the​ back of​ your shoulder that literally helps your arm to​ "rotate" around the​ shoulder socket.

For most people,​ this muscle is​ not supposed to​ rotate far enough to​ take the​ arms too far behind the​ head.

Behind the​ neck exercises not only pull this muscle to​ the​ edge of​ its natural range,​ but often have additional weight resistance involved that cause even more stress to​ the​ area.

If this is​ done repetitively over time,​ the​ muscle will often get injured. Another thing that may happen is​ that it​ will become inflammed and swell to​ the​ point where the​ bone around it​ pinches the​ muscle. Both conditions are chronic,​ painful,​ and should be avoided at​ all costs.

So,​ if​ there are any behind-the-neck movements in​ your current workout,​ you will want to​ find more shoulder-friendly alternatives. And if​ such an​ exercise is​ ever recommended to​ you by a​ friend or​ exercise program,​ ask or​ look for a​ better alternative immediately.

You only get one body! Take care of​ it.

To YourBestBody,​

Lawrence Cole
Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

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