Evolution Of Casual Games

Evolution Of Casual Games

Evolution of​ Casual Games

Casual games are the​ games that are designed for an​ average gamer or​ computer user,​ they feature a​ very short learning curve,​ have very basic rules and do not require much strategy,​ anybody should be able to​ enjoy casual games within minutes of​ launch.

Since the​ first days of​ Windows operating system top casual games were Solitaire,​ Minesweeper and Tetris like games which regardless of​ their simplicity cost worldwide economy millions of​ dollars in​ office productivity due to​ their addicting nature.

Today there are several major casual game developers such as​ Big Fish Games,​ Relexive,​ iWin,​ RealArcade and few other publishers who deserve most credit for great success of​ the​ casual games .​
Not only do they output several new and revolutionary games daily,​ keeping all the​ casual and hardcore gamers playing all the​ addicting games non stop,​ they also do a​ great job as​ far as​ promotion of​ the​ games is​ concerned.

Casual game developers are creating very high quality games which they offer trial versions for,​ with either time limit,​ level limit or​ some other feature limitations of​ the​ game .​
Those trial versions are usually enough to​ have the​ gamer hooked and either keep playing the​ limited version or​ purchase the​ full version of​ the​ casual game.

Another way casual game developers promote the​ games,​ is​ by having those same casual games available in​ flash or​ shockwave on​ online gaming site and then allow gamers to​ download the​ own offline version of​ the​ game.

Regardless of​ simplicity and the​ basic nature of​ casual games,​ they are really taking off and becoming a​ larger share of​ gaming industry daily,​ who knows maybe thanks to​ all the​ new casual games we​ will finally let the​ basic Windows Solitaire go.

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