Ever Make A Dumb Decision About Money

Ever Make A Dumb Decision About Money

Ever Make a​ Dumb Decision About Money?
Did you​ ever make a​ dumb decision about money? Of course you​ have and so have I .​
More times than I'd like to​ remember.

Are you​ interested in​ making smarter choices about your money? Here are a​ few things to​ think about which will help you​ avoid making decisions that you​ will only regret later.
Doesn't it​ make sense to​ develop a​ a​ financial strategy that reflects your personal goals that are based on​ what is​ important to​ you? is​ it​ the​ money that is​ important,​ OR what money allows you​ to​ do in​ your life?

So what is​ it​ about money,​ that is​ important to​ YOU?
Creating an​ inspiring financial plan that will excite and motivate you​ to​ realize the​ life you​ desire,​ is​ so much more important than a​ hodgepodge of​ financial products bought here and there.. .​
for reasons one can never seem to​ remember.
Here are a​ few other questions you​ might consider asking yourself .​

What beliefs about money did you​ receive from your father and mother about money .​
Were they the​ same? How were you​ affected by those beliefs?
What are your major beliefs about money? How do you​ measure wealth for yourself?
When you​ get right down to​ it,​ it​ is​ my opinion that it​ isn't so much the​ goals you​ have that are most important,​ but the​ reasons and whys they are so meaningful to​ YOU.

Roy Disney once said,​ It's not hard to​ make decisions when you​ what your values are.
Making smarter choices about your money is​ all about defining your unique values,​ guiding principles,​ attitudes and aspirations .​
Then you​ can focus and take control of​ your financial life by setting priorities based on​ these core values & goals.

In other words,​ you​ can draw a​ financial road map to​ follow.
Then and only then,​ can getting information,​ professional mentoring and financial coaching actually help you​ make certain progress and truly attain your goals and gain personal fulfillment as​ well .​
And help you​ sleep at​ night!
If your relationship with money is​ not in​ balance,​ no amount of​ wealth will give you​ peace .​
Just look at​ all of​ the​ wealthy people who commit suicide or​ drink themselves into a​ supper everyday .​
You would think that since they had wealth,​ everything else in​ the​ world would be in​ order.
So once you​ understand yourself in​ relation to​ money,​ the​ rest of​ the​ process starts to​ fall into place .​
Knowing yourself,​ we can then set priorities of​ our goals and begin to​ attack them.

Before you​ make a​ financial decision,​ take a​ moment to​ think if​ this decision will move you​ closer to​ your goals or​ further away? is​ what you​ are considering in​ line with your values and what is​ important to​ you?
Having considered your options in​ this way will help you​ avoid making mistakes.

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