Ethical Money Makes The World Go Round

Ethical Money Makes the​ World Go Round
Whatever your resources,​ socially responsible investment (SRI) can help you​ fulfil your dreams,​ and make the​ world a​ better place .​
SRI means you​ can channel your money away from industries that contribute to​ the​ destruction of​ the​ environment,​ companies employing sweatshop and child labour,​ business involved in​ animal experimentation and corporation that support repressive and brutal regimes
Like any investor a​ socially responsible one wants to​ see a​ sound return on​ their investment but they also want to​ invest in​ companies that demonstrate social and environmental principles .​
Even though SRI means limiting choice in​ types of​ investment it​ has not led to​ any systematic under performance in​ stocks,​ in​ fact it​ have done as​ well as​ or​ better than others on​ the​ market.
SRI developed in​ the​ USA as​ a​ response by concerned Quakers and other people disgusted that their investments were supporting the​ arms trade and the​ Vietnam war .​
Since then SRI has become a​ growing market within the​ UK,​ and is​ increasing at​ about 34% per year Socially responsible investors include institutions such as​ non profit organisations,​ Churches,​ trade unions,​ universities and individuals from all walks of​ life .​
What they have in​ common is​ a​ commitment to​ channelling their money towards investment that reflects their personal ethics and values .​
You don't have to​ have lots of​ money to​ be a​ socially responsible investor although a​ minimum commitment is​ like with most funds about 50 pounds a​ month .​
There are two main strategies to​ SRI: Avoidance Screening - choosing not to​ invest in​ industries for example,​ those with discriminatory employment practices,​ business activities with repressive governments,​ poor environmental records,​ animal testing,​ weapons contractors and the​ tobacco industry.Affirmative Screening - Actively seeking out investments in​ activities to​ support such as​ alternative energy and natural foods,​ companies that show commitment to​ their workers,​ communities and the​ environment.

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