Engagement Party Games

Engagement Party Games
The engagement party is​ a​ time when the​ families of​ the​ couple will get to​ know one another .​
In some cases,​ this might be the​ first meeting between the​ two families or​ groups of​ friends and any icebreaker activity will be a​ welcome event.
In that light,​ whoever plans the​ engagement party (likely the​ bride's family,​ but it​ can be the​ engaged couple or​ anyone else who wants to​ plan the​ party) should plan a​ few games and activities designed to​ help everyone get to​ know everyone else.
First up is​ a​ trivia game .​
Create a​ Trivial Pursuit type game with questions about the​ bride and groom's lives .​
You might contain the​ questions to​ just facts and events relating to​ both the​ bride and groom (such as​ how long did it​ take her to​ say yes when he asked,​ where did he propose,​ where did they meet,​ etc),​ or​ you can include questions pertaining to​ their lives outside of​ each other and before they met each other .​
Not only can this be fun,​ but also it's an​ entertaining way for people to​ get to​ know each other and the​ engaged couple better.
One popular icebreaker that's used at​ corporate functions and company parties can also work really well at​ engagement parties .​
Tape a​ card to​ each person's back and encourage him or​ her to​ work the​ room,​ mingle with everyone and particularly try to​ get to​ know someone they have never met before .​
Before moving on​ to​ someone else,​ be sure to​ make a​ comment about the​ person on​ the​ card on​ his or​ her back .​
Partiers write an​ impression of​ that person,​ such as​ she seems sweet or​ he knows a​ lot about the​ weather .​
This icebreaker ends when the​ mingling session is​ over .​
The cards are then read one by one and people not only get to​ know each other better,​ but enjoy hearing all the​ comments people made about them .​
Try to​ ensure that comments are complimentary or​ somehow presented in​ a​ positive light .​
Hurtful comments,​ obviously,​ are not appropriate.
If this is​ truly the​ first time many of​ the​ guests have met,​ then another fun game involving the​ wearing of​ cards might be in​ order .​
In this game,​ each guest wears a​ card on​ their front that has their name on​ the​ front and a​ number on​ the​ back .​
They don't share with anyone what their number is​ .​
Guests mingle and chat and get to​ know each other over the​ course of​ the​ evening .​
Toward the​ end of​ the​ evening,​ the​ cards are flipped over and the​ number side is​ shown .​
Everyone gets a​ piece of​ paper and writes the​ numbers on​ the​ paper,​ then tries to​ correspond the​ name of​ someone with their number .​
This fun game can be hard for people who are bad with names,​ but it's fun nonetheless.
For an​ activity that doesn't put people on​ the​ spot quite so much,​ consider letting the​ already marrieds help out the​ to-be marrieds .​
Place two pieces of​ posterboard on​ the​ wall and mark them advice from women and advice from men .​
Now is​ the​ time to​ offer advice about wedding planning,​ not about being married .​
That advice can come later .​
Encourage guests to​ offer their own wedding planning advice .​
The advice from older people at​ the​ party could be decidedly different from the​ younger couples in​ the​ group,​ making for an​ enlightening group of​ comments.
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