Employee Benefits Driving Corporate Performance A White Paper

Employee Benefits Driving Corporate Performance a​ White Paper
in​ today’s economy, companies of​ all sizes are facing a​ number of​ challenges that require urgent action. Health care costs are rising, pension​ obligations are growing and​ top talent is​ becoming increasingly difficult to​ recruit in​ the rebounding job market. Among the most significant business trends, competitive pressure on​ American workers is​ increasing at​ a​ rapid pace as​ offshore business process outsourcing BPO becomes more effective in​ performing traditional American jobs at​ much lower costs. The fundamental challenge for​ human resources managers is​ to​ reinvent employee benefit programs to​ deliver higher performance at​ a​ lower cost.
The process of​ reinventing employee benefit programs begins by developing a​ portfolio of​ employee benefits that maximizes total economic value for​ employees, while minimizing employer investment. in​ other words, there are a​ number of​ very attractive and​ financially rewarding benefits that employers could provide their employees. One of​ the most effective, yet highly underutilized, benefits is​ the employee discount program.
Few employers offer their employees an employee discount program, even though it’s economic value to​ employees is​ very significant, while it’s cost is​ very low. These programs are either developed and​ maintained by internal human resources staff, or​ outsourced to​ managed employee discount programs such as​ www. EmployeeHelper. com. Based on​ case studies conducted by EmployeeHelper. com, companies that have deployed managed employee discount programs with a​ wide variety of​ negotiated discounts, the net effect for​ employees can be equal to​ a​ compensation​ increase of​ over 5%.
Considering the fact that employee discount programs are basically free for​ employees and​ their employees, the use of​ this​ program is​ expected to​ grow significantly across the marketplace. in​ an economy where competitive advantage is​ becoming increasingly tied to​ human capital, enhancements to​ employee benefits represent a​ growth opportunity for​ all business.
Please visit http//www. employeehelper. com for​ more information​ about employee discount programs.

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