Email Marketing The Timing And The Relevance

Email Marketing The Timing And The Relevance

If you​ look hard enough you​ will find research on​ almost any given topic. For instance,​ were you​ aware that there are certain times when sending email marketing is​ probably a​ bad idea? There are also times when sending marketing emails makes perfect sense.

Monday and Friday – These two days are not as​ useful to​ email marketing as​ other days of​ the​ workweek. the​ primary reason is​ Monday is​ generally a​ time to​ get back into the​ swing of​ work,​ while Friday is​ a​ time to​ gear down. Your email is​ likely to​ be lost in​ the​ shuffle. Since most email marketing can be sent out on​ command this is​ something to​ consider when developing an​ email marketing campaign.

Saturday and Sunday – the​ weekend is​ generally throwaway days for email marketing for much the​ same reason as​ Monday and Friday. if​ someone is​ in​ the​ office on​ the​ weekend,​ the​ last thing they are interested in​ is​ marketing emails. if​ your email comes in​ over the​ weekend chances are pretty good your email marketing campaign will be subject to​ a​ readily used email purge without serious consideration.

It should be noted that you​ might find some receptivity to​ email marketing campaigns that are sent out to​ individual consumers late in​ the​ workweek or​ even early in​ the​ weekend. This is​ the​ primary difference between business-to-business email marketing and business-to-consumer marketing.

Tuesday through Thursday – These are the​ three days when all email marketing seems to​ have the​ greatest impact. Employees and business owners are fully entrenched in​ their workweek and the​ result is​ their minds may be better geared toward business decisions or​ consumer purchases.

Interestingly if​ you​ can send your emails out around either 9 am or​ 1 pm,​ response seems to​ be better than if​ you​ wait for either lunch or​ the​ end of​ the​ workday.

Essentially what we are seeing is​ if​ you​ can approach consumers and business contacts during the​ ‘trench’ part of​ the​ workweek,​ when their minds aren’t focused on​ either closing time or​ lunch you​ may stand a​ better chance at​ affecting a​ site visit and potential sale. you​ may even find fewer opt-out requests when you​ work within this simple time frame for email marketing.

Remember,​ no one likes junk mail and they don’t like emails that are thought of​ in​ terms of​ spam. Make sure your content is​ relevant to​ the​ topic the​ individual signed up for,​ make sure you​ can provide information or​ price reductions on​ products the​ customer may be interested in​ or​ has purchased in​ the​ past. Relevancy and timing are keys to​ acceptability in​ all email-marketing campaigns.

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