Email Marketing The Seeds Of Trust

Email Marketing The Seeds Of Trust

You put a​ lot of​ work into developing your email marketing plan. you​ want it​ to​ make an​ impact.

How interested would you​ be in​ email marketing if​ you​ knew up front that the​ work you​ put into it​ would not result in​ positive sales? What if​ you​ know up front that your email marketing efforts would not be well received by the​ recipient? How would this information impact your decision to​ move forward?

You may be surprised to​ learn how ineffective many email marketing plans are. It’s not that the​ online business owner didn’t have enough names. in​ fact,​ many business owners purchase or​ rent email lists to​ enhance prospects. it​ may not even be that the​ email was poorly developed.

So what is​ the​ problem?

The recipients don’t know who you​ are. This type of​ email marketing effort is​ a​ lot like a​ salesman making a​ cold call or​ a​ telemarketer calling at​ suppertime. it​ is​ not well received because there is​ no prior knowledge the​ recipient can draw from.

Let’s face it,​ none of​ us are especially thrilled with door-to-door salesmen and we often view cyber attempts at​ cold-call marketing as​ spam.

So,​ when it​ comes time to​ develop an​ email marketing plan it​ may be important to​ think of​ a​ better way to​ reach customers who may be more receptive to​ your message.

The truth is​ people don’t mind doing business with a​ company they are familiar with. the​ Internet allows visitors to​ migrate easily from one ecommerce store to​ another. you​ may make an​ impression on​ the​ visitor and they may leave their email address behind,​ but chances are pretty good they will not easily remember who you​ are and where to​ find your site. When you​ capture an​ email address through your online presence this is​ an​ indication that the​ individual has an​ interest in​ what you​ have to​ offer. the​ email could be captured through a​ direct sale or​ a​ free membership registration,​ but this type of​ email acquisition is​ pure gold for email marketing.

Because Internet users have a​ short attention span you​ can use email marketing to​ remind them of​ why they came to​ your site in​ the​ first place. There are far too many web addresses for them to​ keep track of​ so make it​ easy on​ your potential customers by seeking to​ reestablish communication.

If the​ customer voluntarily passed along contact information you​ have every right to​ send email marketing information as​ long as​ you​ provide a​ way for them to​ unsubscribe if​ they no longer wish to​ receive information about your products or​ services.

In a​ perfect world email marketing simply works to​ take the​ seeds of​ trust and grow it​ into a​ partnership that respects those who extend original trust.

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