Email Marketing Its All About The Content

Did you​ know you​ could combine email marketing,​ list building and podcasting? This process allows you​ to​ work your marketing strategy on​ three separate fronts.

I have always been an​ advocate of​ powerful content for your email marketing. the​ difficulty is​ attempting to​ blend quality content with the​ potential for interactive features. in​ most cases the​ more bells and whistles you​ have in​ your email the​ greater the​ possibility it​ will be rejected as​ spam or​ because the​ filtering system believes it​ may have a​ virus.

It’s at​ this point that you​ develop,​ within the​ framework of​ your website,​ pages dedicated to​ additional information.

The practical application of​ a​ direct website link is​ driving traffic to​ your website while seeing which topics receive the​ most visits. This information can be used to​ develop popular subject matter for future editions of​ your email.

You can also develop a​ podcast with information that can be accessed through your email marketing. This information should be targeted toward existing email recipients,​ but it​ also serves a​ secondary purpose.

You can take an​ excerpt from the​ audio file you’ve created and make it​ available on​ your website and other applicable third-party sites. This is​ where list building comes in. Visitors can freely access the​ excerpted portion of​ your podcast,​ but will need to​ sign up (free) to​ gain access to​ the​ rest of​ the​ podcast.

The expense of​ developing a​ podcast is​ minimal and may be a​ powerful tool in​ your email marketing campaign. There is​ a​ growing power in​ trusted links within your email campaign. This process allows further exploration by those most interested without weighing your email marketing campaign down with what might be perceived as​ information overload.

Make sure you​ stay on​ target and give your email recipient list a​ reason to​ come back. Think about it,​ there are millions of​ email marketing campaigns that are being sent. Information consumers are becoming more particular about what they want and will accept. Do not insult your recipient list with something either simply thrown together or​ something that is​ off target.

It could become very easy to​ treat your email campaign a​ bit like you​ would a​ blog,​ but you​ need to​ realize the​ expectations are different for individuals that use and enjoy both mediums. Stay disciplined in​ your approach to​ email marketing,​ give more than is​ expected and find ways to​ use that information to​ bring more potential customers on​ board.

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