Email Marketing Happy Endings

Email Marketing Happy Endings

There once was a​ world where Elfin delivery folk were commissioned to​ take packets of​ information to​ cities far beyond their elfin kingdom.

The motto of​ the​ EPS (Elfin Postal Service) was,​ “Neither lame servers,​ rogue viruses or​ faulty connections will stop us from our appointed deliveries.”

Needless to​ say some Elves had attitudes that caused their deliveries to​ be received with something less than enthusiasm,​ but beyond the​ realm of​ the​ Elfin Folk deliveries are being made around the​ clock.

In a​ perfect fairy tale all deliveries would be anticipated and desired,​ but in​ real life,​ and in​ an​ allegorical sense,​ these deliveries are email marketing efforts and not all of​ them are desired – although they might be anticipated.

If email marketing were a​ fairy tale then perhaps everyone would live happily ever after,​ but the​ truth is​ email marketing can be tedious and may result in​ hostile reactions from recipients.

Just like the​ fictitious elves delivering their ‘packets’ under the​ cover of​ night,​ online businesses work to​ provide what they feel is​ important information at​ any time of​ the​ day or​ night.

Because online users are barraged with spam that often includes financial advice or​ information on​ very specific pharmaceuticals there tends to​ be a​ less than enthusiastic response to​ many email marketing messages.

It may be hard to​ get your foot in​ the​ door when it​ comes to​ email marketing,​ but if​ you​ can learn to​ respect the​ members of​ your email list by ensuring you​ only send to​ those who have actually registered with you​ the​ response will likely be much better. This is​ the​ best in​ organic email marketing.

One way to​ encourage visitors to​ sign up is​ to​ provide a​ first visit ‘welcome’ page. This page encourages them to​ sign up for your free offers,​ samples and discounts. Their initial welcome can be delivered with an​ autoresponder that provides a​ welcome email that includes attractive first time purchase perks. This can be followed up with emails alerting them to​ sales on​ popular merchandise,​ clearance information on​ products and other information that may remind them why they visited your site in​ the​ first place.

The deliveries of​ your email marketing messages do not have to​ be received with disdain and they don’t have to​ be received in​ the​ dead of​ night when the​ recipient isn’t looking. if​ you​ respect your customers enough to​ make sure they are receiving information they want you​ may find a​ happy ending after all.

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