Email Marketing For Your Small Business Selecting The Right Server

Email Marketing For Your Small Business Selecting The Right Server

There are many different methods for promoting your business online,​ but one of​ the​ most effective is​ still the​ email campaign.

Weighing Your Options

For emails,​ you​ have three choices of​ software,​ each with distinct benefits and drawbacks. you​ can install software on​ your desktop and be your own server. you​ can install software on​ the​ web server you’re using. or​ you​ can join an​ ASP hosted service.

The most obvious benefit of​ a​ hosted server is​ that getting your emails delivered is​ your host’s concern. Says Dr. Ralph Wilson,​ of​ Wilson Internet Services,​ “With desktop or​ web server software,​ basically you’re responsible to​ get them delivered… Whereas if​ you’re paying someone else for that service,​ it’s their job,​ and many of​ them take it​ very seriously.” a​ hosted server starts with a​ monthly fee for 500 or​ 1,​000 emails and the​ price builds as​ your email database grows.

With desktop server software,​ the​ biggest advantage is​ the​ price. you​ can pay a​ one-time fee for a​ desktop server and run it​ forever. Leasing a​ web server is​ also fairly inexpensive.

Beating the​ Blockers

If you​ use desktop or​ server based software,​ there are some general guidelines you​ can follow to​ help your emails make it​ to​ your customers’ inboxes.

1. Avoid signs of​ spam. There are specific characteristics that trigger spam filters. you​ can increase your deliverability by avoiding certain pitfalls in​ your subject lines:

• Don’t use all caps.
• Don’t use HTML messages that are primarily graphics.
• Don’t try to​ trick filters by replacing letters with asterisks or​ breaking words up with punctuation marks. Filters are getting smarter,​ and you​ could end up on​ a​ black list.
• Don’t use sloppy HTML.
• Don’t use large or​ small fonts. Stick with H1,​ H2,​ or​ H3 heading tags.

2. Consider sender certification

Bonded sender companies as​ and have relationships with internet service providers. Legitimate businesses can go through these companies to​ get safe passage past spam filters. There’s a​ cost for this service,​ but it’s an​ effective way to​ ensure your emails are getting delivered.

What to​ Look for in​ a​ Hosted Server

If you​ choose to​ use a​ hosted service,​ there are a​ number of​ things you​ should ask before joining:

• What precautions do they take to​ prevent spammers from enrolling? a​ good host company will have measures in​ place,​ such as​ confirmed opt-in,​ to​ make sure that they’re not allowing spammers to​ join.

• Do they offer conversion tracking? Similar to​ an​ ad tracking program,​ many hosted servers now let you​ see how many of​ your e-mail recipients clicked through to​ your site,​ how many click-throughs resulted in​ sales,​ and how much money you​ made from your campaign.

• What kind of​ customer service do they provide? you​ can often tell the​ answer to​ that question simply by how long it​ takes them to​ respond to​ your inquiries. Ask if​ they offer full phone support and if​ they charge extra for the​ service.

However you​ choose to​ promote your business,​ don’t overlook the​ power of​ email marketing to​ increase your customer base and improve your sales volume.

Email Marketing For Your Small Business Selecting The Right Server

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