Email Marketing Design Tips To Improve Your Open Rates

Email Marketing Design Tips To Improve Your Open Rates

Many email marketers frequently fail to​ realize that their subscriber’s email application preview pane is​ the​ first opportunity their content has to​ attract the​ attention they require. And unfortunately those that don’t allow for a​ snapshot preview in​ their content design fall victim to​ lower than expected open rates as​ their subscribers are less likely to​ open the​ message in​ full.

Here are four simple steps you​ can to​ take to​ ensure your next email message preview pane design gets all the​ attention it​ should:

First,​ be aware that prior to​ Outlook 2003,​ the​ preview your subscriber sees runs horizontally along the​ foot of​ their screen. in​ Outlook 2003,​ this view is​ a​ vertical slice showing the​ left hand side of​ your content.

As a​ tip take a​ blank sheet of​ paper and then reveal the​ top third of​ your next message and then the​ left third. Does what you​ see in​ both instances seem interesting enough to​ entice your subscribers to​ click on?

Second,​ by allowing for the​ thinnest of​ newsletter mastheads,​ you​ should cram into these viewable snippets as​ much content as​ you​ can. Plus,​ if​ this content tells your subscriber exactly what your message contains,​ then the​ chances of​ them opening it​ increase even further.

Third,​ don't have too many images cluttering the​ preview space. By default,​ my version of​ Outlook 2003 suppresses all images sent to​ me in​ HTML messages. All I see is​ a​ sea of​ red crosses,​ which tells me nothing about the​ message. (I tend to​ leave these messages until later,​ which CAN become NEVER! Your subscribers may well do the​ same.)

And finally the​ smart newsletter designers use images sparingly in​ this top part. Even better,​ they build their masthead using not images,​ but HTML text and colour to​ effectively get across their message. as​ a​ consumer,​ I’m far more tempted to​ break my train of​ thought and dig down deeper into that juicy piece of​ content I can see.

Thus,​ by treating the​ preview pane of​ your newsletter as​ a​ quick-peek mini-summary for your subscribers,​ you​ are on​ the​ right track to​ grab a​ new client!

It’s simple really--the quicker your readers are intrigued by the​ very first lines of​ your email,​ the​ more they will read them.

Email Marketing Design Tips To Improve Your Open Rates

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