Email Marketing Customer Respect

Email Marketing Customer Respect

“There is​ something to​ be said for reader exhaustion.” – Dana Blankenhorn

Responsible email marketing remains a​ positive in​ developing your online business. the​ primary difficulty for legitimate business has everything to​ do with negative spam practices. This scourge has caused many email users to​ be wary of​ incoming emails. Unless they are very familiar with you​ even opt-in customers may view your email with either a​ bit of​ hostility of​ apathy. in​ one case they resent you​ and in​ the​ other they just don’t seem to​ care.

I can receive hundreds of​ emails a​ day and there can be a​ sense of​ burnout on​ even the​ most useful of​ emails. Going into an​ email marketing campaign you​ need to​ understand not everyone will appreciate your message (even if​ they subscribed to​ your email service). Some will simply leave it​ unopened for a​ while or​ they may delete it​ immediately.

You will never get 100% enthusiasm for your email marketing campaign. the​ point is​ there will be a​ percentage of​ your clients that will review the​ emails you​ send and there will likely be a​ response from many of​ those who actually took the​ time to​ review the​ materials.

It really is​ not all that different from regular direct mail campaigns. Some of​ these printed flyers are tossed in​ the​ round file without a​ second look,​ some become scratch paper and others are looked at​ with either hostility or​ apathy.

Online consumers are bombarded with messages every day. Some information they will seek out intentionally and some information comes through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or​ other page enhancing marketing campaigns. Most often these links are clicked simply out of​ curiosity in​ response to​ something they were already searching for.

“How about if,​ instead of​ beating me over the​ head with email,​ you​ make it​ an​ unexpected,​ even anticipated,​ pleasure? Now that would be revolutionary.” – Dana Blankenhorn

If you​ are going to​ use an​ email marketing campaign or​ keep in​ contact with clients via email perhaps taking a​ unique approach to​ content may allow your email to​ be one the​ client looks forward to.

Working to​ maximize content acceptance is​ a​ primary objective in​ email marketing. Reducing the​ overall volume of​ emails while increasing the​ overall importance of​ the​ information provided may do more than you​ may have imagined in​ instilling trust in​ your client base.

If you​ can respect your clients enough to​ make sure your content is​ relevant,​ interesting and perhaps even entertaining you​ may find your email is​ one they are happy to​ see in​ their inbox.

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