Email Marketing The Christmas Letter Approach

Chestnuts roasting on​ an​ open fire,​ a​ chill in​ the​ weather,​ carols sung and yule logs stand ready. Imagine it’s Christmastime. the​ snow is​ gathering on​ the​ sill just outside the​ window or​ you​ stare out at​ a​ summer sky (depending entirely on​ your global location). you​ have put together a​ Christmas letter that informs readers about what has happened in​ your life and family and the​ many things you​ are grateful for when you​ look back over the​ past year.

The truth is,​ you​ are proud of​ your letter because you​ have taken time to​ thoughtfully review important events in​ your life and you​ have checked it​ several times for mistakes. you​ sigh contentedly as​ you​ look at​ the​ stack of​ beautiful letters you​ are ready to​ send. Two large boxes set just inside your front door with a​ few thousand copies the​ printer brought to​ your home. you​ realize it’s a​ big task,​ but you​ begin to​ address the​ envelopes one at​ a​ time. you​ don’t want to​ leave anyone out so you​ open the​ phone book to​ the​ letter “a” and begin.

What kind of​ response is​ this individual likely to​ receive when everyone in​ town gets a​ Christmas letter from the​ same person? Well,​ there’s probably going to​ be a​ significant scratching of​ heads,​ and a​ lot of​ round file storage.

While it​ is​ not likely there are going to​ be too many people that send a​ Christmas letter to​ everyone in​ town,​ somehow this idea seems to​ make sense to​ business owners who want to​ send email marketing to​ anyone with an​ email address – and they don’t just wait until Christmas to​ send their email marketing campaign either. Often these businesses will buy or​ rent a​ list and send email marketing in​ a​ cold call fashion to​ individuals who have never heard of​ the​ business.

Let’s go back to​ our Christmas letter writer. in​ the​ real world they will likely review their list of​ family,​ friends and acquaintances. This list will include those most interested in​ knowing about the​ family and events of​ the​ ending year. This list will likely include friends that they haven’t seen in​ a​ long time,​ but they would still like to​ connect with them. the​ letter writer wants to​ send as​ many letters as​ are needed,​ but will cut the​ list down whenever needed.

This is​ the​ best picture of​ sound email marketing and traffic building strategies. you​ want to​ send email marketing to​ individuals that already have an​ interest in​ the​ products or​ services you​ provide. you​ will get the​ best response from people who already have an​ interest. Sure the​ list will be smaller,​ but the​ recipients will be more motivated simply because they are already familiar with you,​ your product and your business integrity.

It’s OK to​ start small in​ email marketing. Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies you​ start where you​ are and watch the​ results grow over time. This approach leaves fewer people scratching their heads and more people who are genuinely interested in​ what you​ have to​ say.

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