Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns allow you​ to​ get in​ front of​ your clients time and time again,​ at​ a​ fraction of​ the​ cost of​ printed mailings. E-newsletters also add value to​ your web site,​ can boost holiday sales and can make your marketing job easier.

Added Value to​ Your Web Site

Providing an​ informative newsletter adds value to​ your site and gives users another reason to​ visit. Posting archives of​ previous mailings provides your site visitors with a​ library of​ information - one more reason for them to​ come back to​ your site. Adding content also gives search engines more to​ index.

Stay in​ Front of​ Your Customers

Newsletters allow your company to​ stay in​ front of​ your clients and leads. a​ site visitor may only come to​ your web site one time,​ yet if​ you​ convince them of​ the​ value of​ signing up for your newsletter,​ the​ single visit surfer is​ much more likely to​ return. Staying in​ front of​ your customers and prospects in​ this way increases the​ chances that your company is​ remembered when the​ time to​ buy comes.

Holiday Sales Booster

Newsletters are an​ excellent holiday sales booster. Sending a​ newsletter during the​ holiday season offering special discounts reminds gift-buying people the​ value and appropriateness of​ your product.

Easy to​ Use Software

Getting the​ right newsletter software can make newsletter mailings a​ snap or​ a​ nightmare. Here are some features to​ look for when choosing email newsletter software.

Opt in​ and Out Easily - This process should be automated so that clicking on​ a​ simple link will allow users to​ opt-in or​ out of​ a​ newsletter without additional administrative intervention. it​ is​ no fun and a​ waste of​ time to​ have to​ manually add and remove names and emails from your list and also opens the​ door to​ human error.

Double Confirmation - to​ ensure that your subscribers really did in​ fact subscribe to​ your newsletter,​ double confirmation can be used. What this means is​ that after someone signs up to​ you​ newsletter,​ they must also click a​ link sent to​ their email address to​ confirm that it​ was actually the​ owner of​ the​ email address that signed up. This can be particularly useful as​ an​ added level of​ security,​ especially with newsletters of​ controversial content that may offend some readers.

Scheduled Emails - Advanced email software programs will allow you​ to​ schedule your mailing in​ advance. So while you​ are in​ Aruba sipping cocktails on​ the​ beach,​ your server can be working for you​ sending out preprogrammed material without you​ having to​ be there. For daily or​ weekly newsletters,​ this allows business owners or​ webmasters to​ send multiple mailings while only having to​ attend to​ administrative duties one time,​ saving time and effort.

Auto Responders - Auto responders allow you​ to​ follow up with clients and leads effortlessly. For example,​ perhaps you​ have a​ free e-book download that requires a​ user to​ enter his or​ her email address. Several days after the​ e book has been downloaded,​ you​ could send an​ auto responder asking if​ the​ reader has any questions or​ requires any professional services the​ company offers that relate to​ the​ e book.

Allow Recipients to​ Automatically Update Their Contact Information - By allowing recipients of​ your email newsletter to​ update their own contact information via an​ automated form system,​ the​ work of​ keeping your list up to​ date is​ partially transferred to​ the​ recipient,​ saving you​ work and time. Also,​ many newsletter recipients will appreciate that you​ have the​ correct spelling of​ their name and that updating their information is​ an​ easy task.

In conclusion,​ email newsletters can be some work to​ do right,​ yet the​ reward can be huge. Email newsletters can increase your sales dramatically and also help get your company name out into the​ minds' of​ buyers. Carefully choosing your email newsletter software before you​ embark on​ starting an​ e-newsletter of​ you​ own can save you​ countless hours of​ frustration. Choosing the​ right e newsletter tool can make the​ task pleasant and rewarding.

Email Marketing Campaigns

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