Email Marketing Basics

Email Marketing Basics

A crucial part of​ any online business is​ keeping in​ contact with your customers. the​ only way you​ can do that is​ with email. in​ these days of​ massive bulk emails,​ email certainly has its disadvantages,​ but it’s still one of​ your most effective tools in​ the​ battle for your customer’s business. While we would all love to​ have such a​ killer website and product that every visitor would purchase our stuff on​ their first visit,​ the​ reality is​ that just ain’t gonna happen.

Email marketing has earned a​ bad reputation in​ the​ last few years mostly because of​ the​ actions of​ indiscriminate bulk-emailers. you​ know the​ type. They send spam after spam of​ offers for of​ questionable pharmaceutical products,​ watches,​ software,​ and um,​ how shall we say…um,​ personal enhancement. They are easily recognizable by their misspelled subject lines and undecipherable “from” addresses. For good reason,​ most people are now extremely wary of​ handing our their email address.

So to​ get them to​ sign up on​ your email list you​ need to​ win their trust,​ and pique their interest. you​ can win their trust by calling your emails an​ “e-newsletter”. Make it​ sound warm and friendly. Pique their interest by offering them some type of​ exclusive info of​ the​ kind that they came to​ your website for in​ the​ first place.

Promise your customers that their email will never,​ EVER be sold or​ given away. This is​ an​ absolute MUST. And stick to​ your promise. This means that you​ must always carefully scrutinize every e-newsletter that you​ send to​ your list to​ make sure it​ is​ within the​ bounds of​ your customer agreement. Your customers are trusting you,​ expecting your emails to​ them to​ be relevant to​ their interests and useful in​ some way to​ them. Otherwise,​ they’ll certainly stop reading them,​ and most likely will start unsubscribing from your list.

One thing you​ most certainly don’t want to​ do is​ to​ start sending them emails with commercial offers that are unrelated to​ your core business. This is​ suicide and will cost you​ dearly in​ the​ long run. For example,​ if​ you​ run an​ e-newsletter pertaining to​ your real-estate development course,​ don’t start bombarding your customers with emails,​ or​ even ads in​ your e-newsletter,​ pitching your latest auto-detailing info course to​ them.

You also want to​ make sure your e-newsletter doesn’t degenerate into nothing more than a​ glorified sales pitch for your stuff. Your customers are savvy and will know when they’re being hyped-to. Keep your promotions and links to​ your website subtle,​ yet still present,​ and you’ll build trust with your customers. Eventually they’ll realize you’re not just a​ fly-by-night course-pusher wanting to​ make a​ quick buck,​ and you’ll start to​ see more sales as​ a​ result.

Your email list is​ a​ potential gold mine for you,​ but you​ must treat it​ with care and caution. Do so,​ and it​ will reward you​ many times over.

Till next time…Success to​ you!


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Email Marketing Basics

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