Email Marketing Are You A Gambler

Email Marketing Are You A Gambler

In 2018 businesses spent nearly $400 million on​ email marketing. This figure is​ staggering,​ yet it​ proves just how important online businesses believe email marketing to​ be.

Most marketing experts would likely rank Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies as​ the​ number one marketing mechanism for online businesses. However,​ it​ is​ email marketing that comes in​ second. the​ reason this marketing technique is​ so highly touted is​ because it​ doesn’t wait for business to​ trickle in. Email marketing takes your message directly to​ the​ people providing a​ sense of​ immediacy and purpose.

SEO strategies are essential for the​ long term viability of​ your marketing strategy,​ but for the​ most significant return on​ investment (ROI) email marketing has consistently held an​ edge over other marketing strategies such as​ Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or​ banner advertising.

Email lists that are organically grown typically hold the​ greatest ROI,​ but some online businesses have found a​ modicum of​ success using rented or​ purchased lists,​ but there is​ always a​ price.

The reason many businesses look for lists that have already been compiled by third parities is​ because they can begin to​ market immediately. the​ problem many encounter with this strategy is​ that many of​ those on​ the​ email list may not be very happy with their private information being made available to​ the​ highest bidder. Recipients may also be hostile to​ any overtures from unknown companies.

You will discover that the​ best response you​ receive will be a​ direct result of​ interacting with existing,​ satisfied customers. They are the​ ones who already have an​ affinity for your product and do not tend to​ view your emails as​ unwanted material or​ spam.

The propagation of​ spam has made email marketing a​ bit more of​ a​ challenge for online businesses,​ which has placed a​ greater emphasis on​ trust,​ worthwhile correspondence and value for the​ existing customer.

Another reason purchased or​ rented lists are suspect with recipients is​ that legitimate email delivery is​ either personal or​ opt-in. if​ recipients have not signed up for the​ email in​ question they will not likely be excited to​ receive it. These unhappy recipients can (and often will) report your email as​ spam and you​ could be blocked from being able to​ send future emails – not just to​ the​ recipient who reported you,​ but also to​ any others that may be using the​ email service provider (e.g. Yahoo,​ MSN,​ etc.).

The value of​ email marketing is​ well noted and it​ can be tempting to​ take shortcuts from which to​ glean potential customers. in​ the​ end you​ may be gambling with your potential to​ send email to​ customers in​ the​ future if​ hostile recipients view your company email as​ spam.

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