Email Marketing And The Cold Call

Cold call email marketing is​ becoming less and less effective in​ both return on​ investment (ROI) as​ well as​ recipient conversion. So why do so many online businesses continue to​ use leased or​ purchased lists to​ market their business.

In some cases the​ email marketing plans that are developed are used by affiliate revenue sites that are looking to​ capitalize on​ their new venture. the​ net effect is​ not much different than a​ telemarketer call during the​ evening meal – not welcome and completely disruptive.

It is​ easy to​ see why some might think that mass coverage email marketing is​ a​ good idea. the​ premise is​ the​ more people who receive the​ email,​ the​ more likely client conversions there will be.

While this approach may be touted as​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ tap into a​ potentially huge market I’d like to​ explain why this approach rarely works.

1. Cold calls don’t work. Reports continue to​ surface that indicate whether it​ is​ face-to-face or​ online cold call marketing is​ highly ineffective. This is​ why there are fewer and fewer door-to-door salesmen. Gone are the​ days when a​ vacuum cleaner salesman would show up at​ your door and practically insist on​ showing you​ how the​ vacuum works and why it​ will save you​ time and money. I think it​ is​ very likely that telemarketing has made cold call marketing extremely difficult.

2. Cold call marketing is​ rarely targeted. Most email lists that can be purchased or​ rented are not developed to​ pass along specific details on​ the​ buying habits or​ personal interests of​ the​ email addresses listed. There may be a​ few,​ but most of​ the​ time they are simply addresses that have been gleaned from a​ variety of​ sources and are simply sold to​ those most willing to​ pay.

3. Spam filters hate cold call marketing. if​ you​ are sending material that was not requested by the​ recipient it​ is​ likely the​ majority of​ spam filters will catch and detain the​ majority of​ cold call email marketing. Because of​ undesired marketing emails spam filters have adjusted to​ take note of​ what types of​ emails should never be allowed to​ reach the​ recipient’s inbox. Sometimes an​ email will slip through,​ but most of​ the​ time they will not.

So,​ if​ cold call email marketing isn’t a​ good idea then how can an​ online business owner work to​ market their product?

It all starts with strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and traffic building achievements. Work to​ provide new visitors the​ opportunity to​ “opt in” to​ an​ email delivery service that will inform them of​ new details about products and also offer discounts and coupons to​ those receiving the​ email.

When you​ send email to​ these individuals spam filters may not view it​ as​ unwanted email. Recipients may be more likely to​ read these emails because they are already familiar with your products and/or services.

A smaller group of​ motivated customers can do much more for your online business than thousands of​ hostile recipients who may have no interest in​ your product and zero tolerance for spam.

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