Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing 101
The Internet has provided us with ways on​ how to​ market cost effectively .​
It has given virtual tools which can deliver hard results which can be comparable to​ the​ results that one can achieve using the​ more popular forms of​ marketing.
The electronic mail or​ email is​ one of​ the​ most effective and widely used tools in​ Internet marketing .​
Other people employ affiliate programs,​ links,​ free items and other gimmicks to​ market through the​ Internet,​ but most of​ these marketers have utilized email marketing in​ one instance or​ another.
Email provides a​ marketer with a​ whole new spectrum in​ using the​ Internet as​ a​ marketing medium .​
Millions of​ people now rely on​ email to​ receive information quickly .​
However,​ although email is​ a​ good way to​ market a​ certain product or​ a​ service,​ one should be cautious in​ using it​ to​ market .​
Ethics also apply to​ the​ use of​ Internet media to​ be able to​ convey a​ marketing message to​ a​ targeted audience.
This article tries to​ explain the​ different ins-and-outs in​ the​ world of​ email marketing .​
It also tries to​ give some tips and advises on​ how to​ properly use email as​ a​ marketing tool.
Let’s say that one has a​ great product that he wants to​ sell through the​ Internet .​
He had laid down the​ foundations such as​ the​ development of​ a​ website to​ be the​ portal on​ which he would receive orders and display much needed information about the​ product .​
The website contained attractive and sleek graphics and useful information .​
The only problem was,​ no one was visiting the​ website .​
Aside from employing other techniques for Internet viral marketing,​ he also tries email marketing in​ the​ hopes of​ getting hits and transforming these hits into sales.
Here are some tips on​ how one can effectively use email marketing to​ promote his product or​ service:
-Join e-groups
There are a​ lot of​ groups out there which cater to​ a​ specific market .​
Millions of​ mailing lists and e-groups have been established and these can be used by the​ marketer to​ be able to​ instantly put his target market into the​ bag.
One must be patient enough not to​ plunge into email marketing errors which can destroy his reputation and eventually his product’s image in​ the​ eyes of​ his target audience .​
He can join these so-called e-groups but must try his best to​ get a​ general feeling about the​ dealings that happen in​ these groups .​
This is​ a​ kind of​ market infiltration .​
He can make himself known first by posting some short comments about the​ topics which are discussed in​ the​ group and try to​ build a​ rapport with the​ other members .​
He can eventually tell,​ through time,​ when it​ is​ appropriate to​ post his advertisement through the​ mailing list.
-Write attractively
Using email marketing methods allow one to​ be able to​ convey sufficient amount of​ information about his product so as​ to​ entice the​ receivers to​ avail of​ the​ product .​
In writing advertisements through email,​ one must be diligent in​ making the​ final output readable and interesting.
The first part of​ the​ email should catch the​ attention of​ the​ reader .​
This can be compared to​ the​ heading of​ a​ press release or​ any kind of​ article for that matter .​
The first lines should contain the​ basics of​ what one is​ trying to​ say to​ the​ reader.
Sufficient information about the​ product should be present in​ the​ email .​
The body of​ the​ letter should contain information which would answer the​ four-W’s about the​ product.
The reader should then be enticed to​ act upon the​ request of​ the​ letter .​
The letter should bring about enthusiasm about the​ product and lead people to​ actually visit the​ seller’s website and click the​ add to​ cart icon.
This is​ the​ basic rule of​ the​ ethics of​ email marketing- never send spam! Spam is​ a​ term that is​ used to​ depict unsolicited email .​
Spam mails are not only irritating,​ they eat up much needed email space and restrict more important emails from landing into the​ inbox .​
If one would compare real junk mail from spam email,​ one would conclude that spam emails are more irritating and agitating than the​ normal ones .​
The physical commercial-type junk mail can easily be disposed and does not require too much of​ an​ effort from the​ receiver .​
Spam email eats up space which is​ being paid for by the​ email subscriber and is​ intended for legitimate emails .​
These are just some of​ the​ basics of​ email marketing .​
No matter what one does in​ email marketing,​ he should never ever send spam .​
They do not only dent the​ reputation of​ the​ sender as​ a​ marketer,​ they also dent the​ reputation of​ the​ product which the​ marketer is​ promoting .​
Overall,​ email marketing can be a​ potential way of​ effectively marketing a​ product,​ but it​ is​ not without rules and ethics.

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