Effects Of Video Games On Children

Effects Of Video Games On Children

Video games came into our living room and into our life about 50 years ago. as​ the​ technology for the​ games improved,​ people recognized it​ as​ a​ business opportunity. With money making as​ the​ sole aim,​ game developers thought it​ fit to​ feed the​ basic cravings of​ humans - violence,​ vulgarity and perverseness. And they have been unleashing their despicable fare on​ the​ unsuspecting but highly impressionable young minds of​ children all these years. Researches conducted by organizations like,​ American Psychological Association,​ American Academy of​ Pediatrics and the​ American Medical Association have concluded that there is​ evidence of​ the​ cause-effect relationship between television violence and aggression among the​ children who watch it.

The perpetrators of​ this crime of​ poisoning young minds may argue that they do not force their ware and they rate their product as​ per the​ guidelines of​ Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). But the​ Federal Trade Commission investigation following the​ Columbine High School shooting,​ has concluded that,​ "Of the​ 118 electronic games with a​ Mature rating for violence the​ Commission selected for its study,​ 83 or​ 70%,​ targeted children under 17 in​ their target audience." And the​ irony is​ that most parents,​ who have the​ ultimate responsibility for their wards,​ are unaware of​ the​ ESRB ratings.

Research* has shown that boys play video games for an​ average of​ about 13 hours a​ week. it​ has been found that the​ children who play violent videogames are characterized by 1. More aggressiveness 2. Confrontation with teachers 3. Fighting with their peers 4. Decline in​ school achievements. All this affects the​ overall personality of​ the​ child in​ the​ long run. the​ child becomes an​ adult who is​ not team spirited,​ doesn't care for fellow human beings and has scant respect to​ traditions and practices.

The solution for all this may lie in​ totally banning the​ video games from the​ household. But that would be highly impractical,​ given the​ popularity of​ the​ video games and peer pressure. So,​ stricter legislations against marketing of​ mature content video games to​ the​ children should be enacted. the​ industry may protest that it’s infringing their rights,​ but as​ of​ now,​ the​ future of​ the​ young generation is​ more important than the​ right to​ do business using the​ loops in​ the​ law. However,​ it​ would not be prudent to​ blame the​ industry as​ a​ whole for the​ rising aggressive and defiant attitude of​ the​ young people. There are many games which are really fun to​ play and playing them can actually be beneficial for the​ youngsters. Kids can learn about problem solving and strategy planning.

So,​ the​ only solution left is​ in​ the​ hands of​ the​ parents. Parents should get to​ know what their kids are playing in​ the​ computers or​ consoles. They must find out the​ rating system and see that their child is​ playing only what has been recommended for his / her age. While it’s impossible to​ ban the​ video games altogether,​ it​ would be prudent to​ limit the​ time the​ kids get to​ play the​ games. Perhaps in​ the​ future,​ responsibility on​ the​ part of​ the​ gaming industry and increasing awareness among the​ parents can stem the​ damage.

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