Educational Games When Entertainment Meets Education

Educational Games When Entertainment Meets Education

Educational Games: When Entertainment Meets Education
Realized or​ not,​ computer has changed people in​ their daily life .​
It has changed the​ way people accomplish their jobs .​
Besides for doing works,​ for many people computer is​ also a​ great entertainment tool that can be used to​ play videos,​ enjoy music or​ interact with others .​
In this information and electronic age many computer programs have even two different functions,​ as​ a​ tool for learning or​ improving different skills as​ well as​ entertaining the​ user .​
Such programs are often named as​ educational games or​ edutainment .​
Many educational games are intended for children .​
By playing such games,​ children can learn different subject ranging from math to​ English .​
The use of​ games in​ teaching children keep them from getting bored easily .​
Unfortunately not all topics,​ especially the​ ones which are very complicated,​ can be taught successfully by using this approach .​
But usually limitations can be dissolved in​ one way or​ another in​ the​ future.

There are other types of​ educational games which are mainly intended for the​ adult .​
The variety of​ such games is​ so wide .​
There are games which are great for learning computer networking .​
For example,​ there is​ a​ game provided by Cisco that can help one master the​ binary system .​
The topic that was not easy for some people in​ the​ past can now be learned with fun.
For investors there are Stock Market Games whereby they can learn to​ invest in​ shares in​ the​ stock market .​
The Stock Market Simulation Game is​ very serviceable for beginners,​ since there is​ not any risk or​ chance of​ losing money when they do something wrong when playing the​ game .​
Some good Stock Market Simulation Games use real market data.
Educational games are often used to​ socialize important things .​
The one sponsored by UN-ISDR (United Nations – International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) belongs to​ this kind of​ games .​
By using this simulation game about tsunami people can acquire interesting knowledge of​ that disaster,​ for instance what kind of​ plants are suitable to​ prevent you from high waves .​
With the​ preventive actions stipulated as​ part of​ the​ game you can then find out how many people can survive the​ tsunami.
There are many other interesting games that can be categorized as​ educational games,​ from the​ ones that are useful for learning programming to​ the​ ones that contain topics that are helpful for mastering a​ periodic table .​
To most of​ us,​ learning and entertainment are two different,​ separate things,​ but with the​ improvement of​ computer technology the​ two activities can be combined in​ the​ form of​ the​ educational game .​
Turning a​ boring tutorial into something fun will empower our brain to​ absorb more easily any serious subject.

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