Ecommerce Site 3 Online Marketing ResourcesYou Should Be Using

Ecommerce Site 3 Online Marketing ResourcesYou Should Be Using

The search engines are still the​ biggest factor in​ driving Internet traffic,​ which is​ why you​ need to​ keep up with online marketing trends that can help you​ better your web site’s search positioning. According to​ Internet marketing strategist Catherine Seda,​ of​,​ there are several e-marketing trends that lend themselves quite well to​ helping your web site achieve higher natural rankings. Advises Seda,​ “These are easy-to-use,​ powerful tools you​ can use to​ attract the​ search engine spiders by supplying the​ fresh,​ relevant content they’re looking for.”

• Blogging

Besides providing you​ with exposure to​ highly targeted traffic that you​ can drive directly to​ your web site,​ blogging also gives your site a​ boost in​ the​ search rankings. Search engines love new content and links,​ and that’s exactly what blogs give them. Whether you​ create a​ blog,​ or​ just post helpful information and tips on​ blogs that appeal to​ your market demographic,​ you​ gain quality back links to​ your web site.

If you​ prefer to​ start slowly,​ try a​ site like or​ Type in​ keywords to​ find blogs related to​ your niche market,​ and post useful comments with a​ link back to​ your site. or​ if​ you’re ready to​ commit to​ managing your own blog,​ you​ can get started on​,​,​ or​

• Social Networks

Social networking sites like Flickr,​ YouTube,​ and MySpace allow you​ to​ share information in​ a​ community environment. Flickr is​ a​ photo sharing site; MySpace covers all kinds of​ information; and YouTube is​ primarily for sharing videos. Each site represents a​ huge consumer base and presents you​ with the​ chance to​ reach a​ whole new audience of​ shoppers – a​ built-in listening and viewing audience.

These kind of​ social online communities enable viral marketing – users see something,​ comment on​ it,​ and send it​ on​ to​ their friends. For this reason,​ social networks should play very importantly into your overall marketing strategy. Most social sites allow you​ to​ create a​ profile page which you​ can link to​ your business site,​ and that link potential helps drive your site’s rankings. And because your profiles are stand-alone pages within each community,​ they can also be ranked by the​ engines,​ further increasing the​ value of​ the​ created back links.

• Press Releases and Article Distribution

Another way to​ strengthen your positioning is​ to​ write articles and press releases and submit them to​ a​ distribution service like or​ Both sites have writing tools that show you​ where to​ insert relevant keywords to​ achieve the​ best SEO results.

The more content you​ can get out on​ the​ web,​ the​ more you’ll attract those spiders. Often,​ you​ can send out a​ press release for under $100,​ that may get picked up by any number of​ relevant web sites and blogs. And most PR services offer statistical reports,​ so you​ can measure the​ results of​ your advertising dollars.

Gaining good search engine positioning doesn’t have to​ be an​ unsolvable mystery – it’s really just a​ matter of​ putting into practice the​ things you​ know to​ do. States Seda,​ “Too many E-Biz owners don’t use the​ resources at​ their disposal. Employing these very simple techniques can really bolster your rankings – and that means more exposure,​ more sales,​ and ultimately,​ higher profits.”

Ecommerce Site 3 Online Marketing ResourcesYou Should Be Using

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