Eat Your Way To Weight Loss

Experts tell us we​ are what we​ eat. a​ disturbing thought when we​ consider how much sugar,​ fat and white flour is​ consumed daily,​ hidden in​ ready meals and fast foods. It’s time to​ change the​ bad habits we​ have developed over the​ last three decades and start eating to​ improve health,​ not destroy it!

A vital area of​ life that requires our attention is​ this….learning to​ answer hunger pains appropriately. if​ we​ neglect this,​ weight can increase and well-being may suffer.

Whether you need to​ lose weight,​ maintain weight or​ tone up your body; inappropriate eating habits can jeopardize your best efforts. This articles will help you start to​ understand how to​ manage hunger in​ a​ busy lifestyle.

If it’s sticky and sweet,​ made with sugar and saturated fat,​ then you must only eat it​ as​ a​ rare treat. Can the​ same be said for a​ delicious bowl of​ strawberries,​ or​ a​ juicy sweet orange? That is​ the​ problem here? Why do we​ choose cakes and chocolate over nature’s best offering?

If you do not have a​ genuine glucose imbalance,​ one cause perhaps is​ that sweet treats are deeply connected to​ our childhood,​ where frequently,​ ‘sweeteners’ were given as​ a​ reward for good behaviour,​ or​ to​ placate or​ console the​ unhappy child. Our memory will automatically associate sweet foods as​ a​ reward or​ a​ comfort. That bar of​ chocolate or​ sticky bun you devour mid-way through a​ stressful afternoon could be you rewarding yourself for hard work!

If you think you may be using sweet treats as​ a​ ‘reward’ or​ comfort and want to​ kick the​ habit,​ simply remember that putting on​ weight is​ NOT a​ reward. Then think of​ a​ reward that doesn’t involve food!

Guard yourself from the​ sweet snack attacks by being prepared and planning your day's food patterns.

1. Incorporate protein in​ to​ your breakfast AND lunch. Protein is​ key to​ controlling carbohydrate cravings. the​ RDA of​ protein for women is​ 60 grams a​ day. For women wanting to​ lose weight,​ health professionals recommend approximately 100 grams of​ protein daily. Why? One of​ the​ principle advantages of​ protein is​ that it​ creates a​ feeling of​ fullness and satisfaction in​ the​ body that makes overeating much less likely. Source your protein from ultra lean sources so you don't pick up unwanted calories and saturated fats.

Even better,​ than providing a​ sense of​ sustained fullness,​ protein can block the​ triggering effect that carbohydrates can have on​ the​ brain. if​ you eat protein with a​ carbohydrate it​ will reduce the​ cravings caused by eating the​ carbohydrate.

2. Never skip meals. Research has shown that people who skip meals are more prone to​ obesity than those who regularly eat 3 meals a​ day. in​ fact,​ people who space their daily food requirements by making appropriate use of​ healthy snacks do even better. Why is​ this? When you skip meals you are more likely to​ get hungry and fill up on​ easily obtained fast foods which are often trigger foods.

3. Drink 6 to​ 8 glasses of​ water throughout the​ day. For some people sugar laden soft drinks are a​ trigger food. Make sure you don't get thirsty in​ the​ first place. Water creates a​ sense of​ fullness and has a​ host of​ other health benefits.

4. Plan the​ timing of​ your meals so that you don't get hungry. Despite having three healthy meals a​ day,​ sometimes your work schedule can mean the​ spacing of​ those meals still does not guard against the​ carbohydrate cravings. if​ you have a​ long gap between meals,​ make sure you carry healthy snacks to​ cover the​ distance,​ otherwise hunger will set in

5. Plan your snacks. Plan out your weekly snack schedule with some delicious,​ healthy snacks. Purchase these with your weekly shopping so that you are fully prepared. if​ you need to,​ get up a​ few minutes earlier in​ the​ morning so you have time to​ prepare and take your snacks to​ work. Remember,​ healthy snacks don't live in​ a​ vending machine! You are less likely to​ get hungry when you have a​ ready supply of​ healthy snacks.

6. Carry emergency supplies of​ nutritional protein bars in​ your handbag or​ brief case. When you feel a​ carbohydrate craving,​ eat the​ protein bar instead and wait 30 minutes before acting on​ the​ craving. More often than not the​ craving will pass and you will be in​ control again. This truly works.
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