Easy Weight Loss Make A Start Right Now

Easy Weight Loss Make A Start Right Now

Oh dear,​ oh dear,​ it's that time of​ year but yet again! the​ holidays are over,​ Christmas has come and gone,​ and what is​ there to​ look forward to! Summer holidays I suppose,​ but they do seem such a​ long time away.

Anyway,​ I must confess that at​ the​ moment,​ even the​ thought of​ a​ holiday horrifies me,​ because after my over-indulgence during the​ festive season,​ the​ last thing that I want to​ be doing is​ even more eating and drinking.

So,​ if​ there is​ nothing to​ look forward to​ for now,​ and we​ are in​ the​ midst of​ the​ January depression,​ what on​ earth CAN we​ do to​ lift ouselves out of​ the​ blues at​ this time of​ year!

Here's one thought for you,​ start right now and get fit. I suggest that not only will that make you feel heaps better,​ after a​ few weeks,​ you will even start to​ look forward to​ that summer vacation. Let me give you another more serious and compelling reason for this,​ and that is​ that we​ all shoud start to​ take our long term health much more seriously than we​ do at​ present.

At least that is​ my humble opinion.

Did you know for instance that current statistics reveal that 75% of​ Americans are overweight and 40% are obese. That is​ just in​ the​ US,​ and I am prepared to​ hazard an​ educated guess that the​ rest of​ the​ developed world is​ not far behind.

For those who desire to​ lose weight and obtain optimal health therefore,​ it​ can be overwhelming trying to​ figure out where to​ start.

From the​ Atkins Diet to​ the​ South Beach Diet,​ from low fat to​ low carb diets,​ there are numerous weight-loss plans to​ choose from. in​ addition,​ given conflicting information as​ to​ what works best,​ it​ can be difficult deciding what to​ do.

For those who have tried many diet plans with no success,​ it​ becomes more difficult and frustrating. Many people forget that a​ diet might work wonders for their friend but won't work well for them. This is​ not necessarily because the​ diet is​ "bad",​ but because each body reacts differently.
However,​ there is​ a​ way to​ lose weight that is​ easy,​ fast,​ and doesn't involve deprivation or​ calorie counting.

It is​ important to​ address some background information about body genetics and why weight loss can be difficult before I start to​ discuss weight loss tips.

At the​ start of​ any diet,​ it​ is​ important to​ note that each person has a​ different body build. Some people are short and stout,​ while others are tall and thin. Some have big hips and shoulders,​ and others are short and very muscular. Genetics can determine body shape and a​ person's natural build just as​ it​ can do eye color,​ hair color,​ skin color,​ and so on.

The good news is​ that genetics do not determine whether or​ not one will be fat,​ but will determine one's body shape.

This means that not every woman can expect to​ be tall and thin like a​ Hollywood actress or​ supermodel such as​ Tyra Banks. Not every man can expect to​ be defined and muscular like the​ Rock. the​ goal really,​ in​ my opionion,​ is​ to​ be at​ a​ comfortable weight for one's body shape and to​ feel good about it.

Having said all that,​ why is​ it​ that people are overweight! I have listed ten of​ the​ most common reasons below:-

1. Slow metabolism - People who are overweight have a​ hard time "burning off" their intake of​ food. as​ a​ result the​ fat is​ stored up in​ the​ body,​ rather than used.

2. Emotional eating - Those who struggle with weight often eat when stressed,​ or​ when other emotional upheavals are happening in​ their life.

3. Hormonal imbalances - This does mainly apply to​ the​ ladies,​ (complex creatures that we​ are!).

4. Eating portions - we​ can all be guilty of​ the​ syndrome that I like to​ call "greed not need". So watch out for those portion sizes.

5. a​ build up of​ toxins in​ the​ body - This can be due to​ too much junk food,​ candies,​ sodas,​ too much coffee,​ these can all contriubute to​ this.

6. Eating too late - Late-night eating can cause food to​ convert to​ fat a​ lot more easily,​ as​ well as​ making sleep more difficult.

7. a​ high susceptibility to​ growth hormones - These are the​ hormones which are given to​ animals to​ help them grow faster and larger. Some meat and dairy can have some residual growth hormones. These hormones can sometimes result in​ increased fat storage.

8. Not eating breakfast - This really does make your metabolism slow and sluggish.

9. Numerous diets - Going from diet to​ diet has a​ negative impact on​ the​ metabolism and causes weight loss to​ be much more difficult.

10. Food ingredients - the​ reasons why are amazing and beyond the​ scope of​ this article.

Here Are Seven Simple Steps For Easy Weight Loss

Now that there is​ a​ better understanding of​ body genetics,​ and why people have a​ tendency to​ be overweight,​ here are my tips for fast easy weight loss.

#1: Drink some water first thing in​ the​ morning. Ideally you should drink eight ounces of​ distilled water,​ bottled water,​ or​ filtered water (not tap water).

#2: Eat a​ big breakfast. Suggested foods to​ choose from are apples,​ bananas,​ rye bread with no sugar,​ plain yogurt,​ tuna,​ tomatoes,​ carrots,​ peppers,​ raw honey,​ and such like.

#3: Drink distilled water throughout the​ day: I recommend that you try and drink at​ least eight glasses per day.

#4: Walk non-stop one hour each day. This doesn't have to​ be power walking,​ just walk at​ your own pace. Walking is​ one of​ the​ best forms of​ exercise you know!

#5: Try and stop eating after 6:00 PM. This is​ very hard for many people,​ but do the​ best you can. You will be surprised at​ how much you benefit from this.

#6: Do a​ candida cleanse. Candida is​ yeast overgrowth in​ the​ colon that can cause all kinds of​ health problems. Check online for "Candida Cleanse" or​ go to​ your local health food store.

#7: Do a​ colon cleanse: This cleanse cleans out the​ digestive system,​ which is​ clogged and sluggish in​ many overweight people. Once again,​ check online or​ go to​ your local health food store.

More and more people worldwide are becoming overweight. Extra weight can result in​ many health issues and negatively impact your emotional state and self-esteem. However for those struggling with this problem,​ there is​ hope,​ because you can lose it​ and keep it​ off if​ you really want to.

Now that you have a​ understanding of​ body genetics and why you might be overweight,​ why not take some positive action today!

Commit to​ trying at​ least a​ few of​ the​ steps,​ you will be glad that you did.

Easy Weight Loss Make A Start Right Now

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