E Mail Marketing

E Mail Marketing

Out of​ all the​ most crafty marketers you​ know,​ the​ one that just about everyone hates is​ the​ spammer,​ the​ good news is​ that Spam is​ almost dead. it​ has been greatly taken over by the​ use of​ e-mail marketing. it​ is​ said that Spam is​ on​ the​ decline,​ contrary to​ popular belief. the​ rate that it​ is​ falling is​ approximately 13% per year. Why? Because the​ marketer now sees that e-mail is​ the​ marketing choice for the​ pros. By the​ year 2010 they say that Spam will in​ fact be a​ thing of​ the​ past. it​ is​ also interesting to​ note that the​ market spending in​ this fashion will grow from $885 million,​ to​ $1.1 billion dollars in​ as​ little time as​ well.

It is​ said that the​ bulk of​ the​ e-mailing for businesses in​ the​ year 2010 will be of​ the​ transactional,​ acquisitioned,​ and retention methods. With the​ remainder of​ e-mail leveling out between customers gain and personal e-mails heading up the​ rest. it​ is​ clear to​ see why the​ Spam is​ diminishing at​ such a​ rapid rate; the​ e-mail filtering system is​ getting stronger almost monthly. the​ amount of​ Spam that the​ average everyday user will receive will be cut in​ half from 2018 to​ 2010. This will set the​ pace for the​ e-mail marketing to​ take over. With new technology in​ place,​ it​ is​ easy for someone to​ recognize the​ difference between Spam and an​ actual e-mail from a​ company that is​ doing a​ follow up for business purposes.

It is​ clear by consumer reports that individuals will stay clear from e-mail servers that do not offer top of​ the​ line Spam filters. This is​ not to​ say that there are not still a​ plethora of​ servers available to​ the​ open market. the​ reason for the​ big concern right now is​ the​ cost of​ incorrectly blocked e-mails. This rate is​ at​ approximately $107 million dollars right now; it​ is​ expected to​ fall to​ approximately $88 million by 2010. in​ turn this will make for a​ much easier time to​ reach out to​ the​ consumer,​ by way of​ e-mail marketing once the​ Spam is​ truly eradicated. it​ is​ the​ idea that there will be a​ very organized arena for e-mail marketing that has business owners in​ fits of​ joy. They truly know the​ potential for this wonderful and inexpensive medium.

The improvement of​ the​ practices in​ list management will be stronger,​ and the​ ISP will have a​ stranglehold on​ the​ Spam. With all this technology,​ and the​ will to​ make the​ marketplace a​ safer business realm,​ it​ is​ clear that e-mail marketing can easily be allowed into the​ fold as​ one of​ the​ most productive marketing and business tools for the​ future. For now we still have to​ deal with all this junk called Spam.

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