E Mail Marketing Turns Small Biz Into Big Biz

E Mail Marketing Turns Small Biz Into Big Biz

Small businesses- from florists to​ realtors-are quickly catching on​ that e-mail marketing can be an​ effective way to​ quickly reach thousands of​ customers inexpensively.

E-mail marketing refers to​ the​ communications that businesses have with current customers who have given permission to​ receive e-mails about special offers and new products or​ services. By categorizing customers by their buying preferences and creating e-mail offers that address those preferences,​ a​ small business can personalize their marketing for the​ cost of​ a​ mouse click.

Instant Sales

E-mail marketing helps businesses create instant sales from existing customers. it​ also helps maintain and build long-lasting relationships with repeat customers,​ which are at​ the​ core of​ most successful businesses. And yet,​ in​ a​ recent poll conducted by research firm Greenfield Online (on behalf of​ FileMaker,​ Inc.),​ 49 percent of​ small businesses said they were not even considering e-mail marketing.

What is​ the​ other half of​ small businesses doing with e-mail marketing? Making money. For example,​ the​ Tara Bella Winery used e-mail marketing software based on​ FileMaker Pro to​ send an​ e-mail to​ its customers about a​ special wine package. Within 24 hours,​ they had sold out their inventory and grossed $8,​500. They spent less than three hours writing the​ e-mail and sending it​ out

Almost any business can im-prove its profitability using e-mail marketing. Even nonprofits are using e-mail marketing for fund-raising. New database software and the​ Internet have made it​ quite inexpensive and,​ now,​ easy to​ do. All you​ need is​ a​ Windows or​ Macintosh computer,​ an​ Internet connection,​ an​ e-mail account and easy-to-use database software such as​ FileMaker Pro. in​ some instances,​ the​ rewards of​ your first successful e-mail campaign can even pay for these affordable technology tools.

Free 46-Page Guide

But to​ make the​ most of​ your e-mail marketing,​ you'll want to​ do it​ efficiently and effectively,​ using the​ right tools the​ right way.

A free 46-page guide is​ now available that helps first-timers and experienced e-mail marketers develop and execute an​ effective e-mail campaign with customers. Titled How to​ Start Email Marketing in​ 10 Easy Steps,​ the​ how-to guide can be downloaded from www.filemaker.com/emk.

The guide takes you​ through each of​ the​ key steps,​ from building your customer e-mail list and selecting the​ right customers for a​ specific e-mail to​ writing the​ e-mail and sending it​ out.

A Toast-One company sent an​ e-mail to​ customers about a​ special wine package and sold out.

E Mail Marketing Turns Small Biz Into Big Biz

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