Drink Water To Help With Weight Loss

I am a​ great proponent of​ permanent and safe weight loss by changing the​ mental picture you have of​ yourself.If you change the​ way you view yourself and the​ way your mind sees you and talks to​ you,​ you can then easily change your weight successfully.

That being said,​ you can help yourself along greatly by making small and simple changes to​ your diet. Eating healthier foods is​ a​ great way to​ add to​ your program.

First,​ drink more water. Add at​ least one more glass a​ day to​ what you already drink. And,​ at​ the​ same time,​ make it​ fun. Try these:

1. Seltzer
Add a​ lemon or​ lime for a​ nice "punch."

Bored with lemon and lime slices? Then try something more adventurous like a​ wedge of​ orange,​ a​ slice of​ pineapple,​ or​ a​ few cut up strawberries. All will add a​ little flavor.

2. Herbal Tea
Put an​ herbal teabag into a​ bottle of​ water and let it​ sit in​ your fridge for a​ while. it​ flavors the​ water.Strong flavored teas work best. Stay away from the​ ones that contain caffeine.

If its cold outside drink hot herbal tea. You'll enjoy the​ refreshing pause in​ your day.

3. Flavored Syrups
Raspberry,​ peach,​ cherry or​ your favorites add splash to​ a​ glass of​ water. Just a​ splash will work so it​ does not add calories. Sugar free syrups don't add calories but are full of​ chemicals,​ so be careful in​ your choices.

4. Soup
Broth and bouillon are great choices. if​ you like the​ creamy soups be wary of​ the​ extra fat in​ them and use these only occassionally.

As daunting as​ it​ seems to​ drink those 6 to​ 8 glasses of​ water a​ day,​ all evidence has shown that drinking enough water helps weight loss,​ improves skin,​ and is​ just plain good for you. Studies have shown that people sometimes eat when they are in​ fact dehydrated. So drink up and enjoy trying some of​ these methods.

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