Dress Your Family For Nfl Games

Dress Your Family For Nfl Games

How can you tell if​ someone is​ a​ Green Bay Packers football fan? He is​ the​ guy wearing a​ green and gold shirt with a​ slice of​ cheese perched on​ the​ top of​ his head. if​ he is​ a​ family man his cute little baby is​ drooling onto a​ Green Bay Packer's bib. He smiles at​ his four-year old daughter who has on​ a​ green and gold cheer leading outfit even though the​ Packers have no official cheerleaders. Everyone in​ the​ family is​ wearing NFL licensed clothing. the​ five best selling items in​ one of​ the​ pro shops are all shirts. Four of​ them have Brett Favre's name on​ them. Reebok owns the​ licensing rights to​ make and sell the​ shirts along with other products..

About a​ half-hour before game time the​ doorbell rings. His wife opens the​ door for friends wearing her green and gold sweatshirt with Brett Favre and the​ number four on​ it​ over jeans. They all stop in​ the​ kitchen for beer and snacks on​ their way to​ the​ family room where they turn on​ the​ game. Win or​ lose,​ most people in​ Wisconsin are fans of​ the​ Green Bay Packers.

Now if​ you peek inside the​ back of​ the​ neckline of​ those sweatshirts etc.,​ they had better have the​ right tags on​ them. There is​ a​ hologram which assures you that it​ is​ a​ licensed product. From a​ short distance away its hard to​ be sure. There are dishonest people out there on​ street corners peddling cheap knock-offs of​ the​ real thing. it​ is​ tempting to​ a​ lot of​ folks to​ buy them since the​ price of​ "the real thing" is​ sky high. Imagine the​ amounts spent on​ these licensed products. Winter jacket from $100 to​ about $500. we​ won't even contemplate the​ price of​ the​ leather one. Unless -- Bill Gates,​ Warren Buffet,​ are you reading this? Under his jacket the​ man wears a​ sweatshirt,​ licensed also. if​ lucky enough to​ be attending the​ game in​ person,​ he has to​ park himself on​ a​ cushion with the​ proper logo. Matching hat and even gloves are available. in​ winter he huddles under a​ blanket which of​ course has a​ big team logo on​ the​ back. Only his face peeks out from under that Green Bay Packer licensed stocking cap.

Not only in​ Wisconsin,​ but those wild Texas Cowboy fans and the​ people screaming advice to​ their Denver Broncos are all clad in​ the​ proper t-shirts to​ show their loyalty. There hasn't been a​ heavy metal helmet available for sale to​ the​ Minnesota Vikings fans -- yet. That will certainly give the​ Wisconsin cheeseheads some competition. All these products add to​ the​ fun of​ cheering for a​ favorite NFL team. it​ does make holiday shopping easier. the​ boys who wouldn't get excited about pajamas would be pleased to​ get pajamas with their team's logo on​ them. For the​ man of​ the​ house who seldom vacates his recliner during the​ weekend an​ exercise warm-up suit with logo displayed front and back. Choosing gifts for children's teachers and family gifts young kids can afford to​ buy there are key chains for all teams,​ glass drinking mugs filled with peanuts and showing the​ logo. Posters of​ favorite players to​ decorate their rooms and for the​ person impossible to​ buy for - a​ tree ornament featuring their team logo. But trust me when I say,​ the​ lady of​ the​ house will not be ecstatic over a​ football decorated tablecloth for the​ dining room.

Meanwhile,​ back to​ the​ well-dressed family in​ Wisconsin. the​ game ends,​ the​ Monday morning quarterbacking begins. Everyone returns to​ the​ kitchen. After laying out green plastic forks,​ football plates and napkins they all enjoy the​ large football shaped cake she purchased at​ the​ neighborhood grocery store...

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